December 24, 2008

Shadow Rib Socks Done!

Just finished the woolen socks for dh and they are drying. Don't need to put them in his Christmas stocking until tomorrow evening since dd doesn't come home until tomorrow afternoon. I just had to take the pic out in the snow .... we have about 20 inches piled up and more on the way this week-end.

Wishes for a safe and blessed holiday for everyone! TLGB

December 21, 2008

Socks for DH Just About Finished!

The socks that I started in November for DH's Christmas stocking are going to be finished. I'm using Trekking XXL with the Shadow Rib Socks pattern from The Little Box of Socks by Schurch and Parrott. This are also my December socks for SAM 2008. I haven't missed a month this time. When we were at dd's home last week-end, I mentioned that I might have to make the toe a different color since I didn't think I'd have enough. Well...... dd checked her "destash" bag and came up with another skein. We had both purchased the same yarn in a wedding/yarn crawl in St. Paul / Minneapolis a couple of years ago. Sorry the picture isn't updated, but I'm within an inch of starting the toes (both on ml) and the first ball is about finished. Hopefully, I'll finish them before going to bed tomorrow night.

The weather in northern Iowa has been miserable the past three days ..... it all started with snow and wind Thursday evening into Friday. The last day of school before Christmas break was cancelled. We received about eight inches ...... then on late Friday started another snow ... this time about four more inches but with winds from 25 to 45 mph that caused no travel warnings since there was zero visibility sometimes. That still continues ..... temp this morning started at -12 below with windchill at -43 degrees! Most churches in town cancelled Saturday evening and early Sunday services. It was good to get out of the house for church. The wind is to continue throughout the night with below zero temps on Monday. Then a little warm-up that will bring a "little" snow on Tuesday. Wednesday through Friday right now are predicted to be snow-free..... I hope! At least now one here can complain that we don't have a white Christmas.

Blessings and safe travel to you and yours this holiday season. TLGB

December 11, 2008

Worldwide Christmas Stocking Swap

Wednesday when I came home at noon, there was a large box on the kitchen table that dh had brought in when he was home. Mamaphyknits on Ravelry had been my swap partner ..... we had both signed up late after the deadline, but agreed to our own deadline of Dec. 1. I opened it and was greeted by the above. Sprinkled throughout the box were pieces of candy ..... all chocolate, of course!

She knit me a gorgeous cable with bobbles (popcorn, they used to be called) stocking in Lamb's Pride Bulky, the Lipstick Red colorway. Included were three small stockings for the tree, a small snowman stocking (snowmen live in my dining room at Christmas), some kitchen towels, and a Christmas teddy bear tin that protected a small china-like chest for stitch markers.
More snow people came, too, in the form of earrings made by her dd from Swarovski crystal beads in their own jewelry bag and the delightful snowlady made from fiber with a felted scarf and hat, holding her latest WIP and with an "I Love Knitting" button on her hat. Adorable is all I can say about her! The the "yarnilicious" things were four different types of socks yarn .... all in great colorways, stitch markers that will work great for socks and lace knitting in a tiny china chest painted with roses, a copy of the British Simply Knit magazine accompanied by a calendar with twelve patterns for socks, slippers and booties. Once again, a big thanks to mamaphdknits!

Happy knitting! TLGB

December 6, 2008

Christmas Stocking Swap

This morning I packed the box to send to my swap partner on the Worldwide Christmas Stocking Swap on Ravelry. I always try to stuff the large priority mail flat rate box from USPS with yarn, a pattern, some goodies, some knitting "gadgets, and items of interest to the recipient. This time there were a couple of "empty" spaces that I filled with a wad of bubble. As I was returning home after sending it off to mamaphdknits on Ravelry, I had a "bright" moment and remembered what I forgot to send ..... the cat treats and the marker I'd completed before Thanksgiving. Well, I'll just have to send those closer to Christmas. After the package is received, I'll post the pic of the completed stocking. Package has been received, so here's the pic.
Pattern: John Stocking from Berroco (free pattern)
Yarn: Plymouth Galway worsted
Needle: KP Harmony #6 & #8 circ
Pattern modification: Only did 2 1/4" of ribbing instead of the 4 1/2 called for and made a 4 inch long 6 st I-cord for a holder (secured it at the bottom of ribbing on the inside and about 1" from the top of the outside.
This was a fun pattern to knit, but there were many ends to work in when I was finished .... some just could not be carried.
Need to get to knitting on dh socks that will be placed in his Christmas stocking this year. I've done that the past four years ..... the first year was khaki and green plain stockinette with Brown Sheep's Wildfoote, next came the 3-ply Bigfoot socks (k3,p1) in three natural brown shades Classic Elite Inca alpaca, and last year was with CTH superwash sock in java colorway (brown, tan, grey). This year is with Trekking XXXL in navy, grey, green, and burgundy .... just getting subtle striping. I'm doing them on ml with 1.5 Addis, so it's slow going..... both at the same time .... I'm almost down to the heels. I'm going to add reinforcement thread ... haven't ever before .... just had some to try.
That's all for now. Happy knitting! TLGB

November 19, 2008

Holiday Theme Swap

I decided in mid-October to see if there were any Christmas swaps on Ravelry ..... I found two that were still accepting sign-ups - The International Christmas Stocking Exchange and a Holiday Theme Swap. The latter was to send $30 minimum with some of the items of any holiday from Thanksgiving through Christmas. The boxes were to go out Nov. 15, but the larger flat rate boxes I ordered from USPS didn't come until Monday. After classes I packed the box and left it at the post office here about 4:40 to be sent to Franklin, Ohio, to MnMgirl on Ravelry. Well,.... MnMgirl mailed hers at 4:35 the same day ..... today it was delivered to me a little after noon. I checked tracking on the box I sent and it arrived in Franklin about the same time.

Then I read the card ...... discovered we are both alike in swaps ... we tend to go a little overboard.....but then I began to enjoy all the goodies.

She sent creme brulee and Irish cream coffees, Lindt white chocolate truffles, soft peppermint sticks, a tin of Altoid mints, two orders with little pockets on the back for goodies (pencils and a small post-it pad), Christmas paperclips, another post-it pad, a Willow Tree angel of learning, Better Home & Gardens Collector Edition of Cookies, denim colored sock yarn from HazelKnits, a snowman window stickee and snowman tissues, Snausage treats for the dogs (They said,"Woof and Yip."), a wooden closure for shawls, and M&M frig magnets for the holidays.

Cozi and Toffee waiting for a treat.

Last, but not least, here's the beautiful tissue paper in which each of the items were wrapped. She even tossed in some silver tinsel bits.

November 18, 2008

Cascading Leaves for November

I just finished my November socks for the SAM 2008 KAL. These are the first socks ever that I finished knitting and immediately kitchenered the toes.Stats Yarn Berroco Sox colorway 1425
Pattern Cascading Leaves by Jeanie Townsend
Mods Did 7 pattern repeats on the leg
Needle Addi 40" 2.75 mm (US 2)
Method Magic loop two socks at same time

November 1, 2008

MS4 Clue 3 Done!

After a lot of tinking and frogging, clue 3 of the Mystery Stole 4 is completed. For some reason, my brain kept forgetting to put one or two yos in a row.... just about every right side row. The stole needs to be knit from both ends through clue 5 and then clue 6 is done on one side and grafted to the remaining clues 1-5. Well, ..... I even pinned the edges of the two sides together in hopes of not forgetting to knit on the second half. That didn't work ..... I ended up frogging about 12 rows, knitted it back up only to discover a dropped "falling" st about 10 rows below where I had frogged, so I just ripped that entire side down a total of 20 rows. I wanted to get it knitted back last night, but was about falling asleep knitting so stopped with only the last two rows of clue 3 to do. That was finished early this morning ..... dh's hunting dog started scratching in her "bedroom" (really a large travel crate) about 4:45 ..... don't know if Cozi was anxious to go hunting or just had to GO .... outside, that is. Dh and Cozi have taken off for the farm to hunt pheasants, so Toffee and I will hold down the home front.
This week-end I hope to co one of the two Christmas stockings I have to knit on commission. The pattern is from old Bucilla Christmas stocking kits. This family has been using knitted stockings for three generations now, so add another with each new grandchild.

Happy knitting! TLGB

October 25, 2008

Christmas Stocking Update

Almost have finished stocking for mamaphdknits in the International Christmas Stocking Swap on Ravelry. I just need to sew the seam from the top down to the heel flap. They are to be sent by Nov. 15, but I'm waiting for a while .... mamaphdknits said she needed to start mine. I just wanted to get it done since I have two more socks to knit for a grandfather here in town who needs them for the last two grandchildren.

Spent most the day today at church preparing food for a mission festival tomorrow evening. We are serving barbecue pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, chips, and bars plus an assortment of beverages. The number to expect is not really known since this is the first time for an event of this type. Hopefully, we'll have enough for everyone.

Think I'll head for a lavender bath ..... soak away some of the aches from being on my feet most of the day.

Happy knitting! TLGB

October 23, 2008

Christmas Stocking Update

I'm so excited ..... I've finished the leg, heel flap, and heel turn on the Christmas stocking for the International Christmas Stocking Exchange on Ravelry. I just learned about this swap earlier this month and the moderators said they would accept people until Oct. 15. Well, I received my partner's name the next day and started to stocking ..... I'm using Plymouth Galway yarn in the basic colors of red, green, blue, purple plus white. It has really turned out well. I did do the slip st heel flap instead of just a st st flap .... thought it would be more substantial. I've collected most of the "stuff" for the sock even though it will not be inside the sock .... fits better in the flat rate USPS boxes. I took a pic of the leg of the stocking earlier today, but won't post pics until the box has been sent ...the date is to be before Nov. 15, I believe. So ..... pics will be up after Thanksgiving.

I've also been working on a scarf for the husband of one of my coffee friends. He said that men's scarves aren't ever as soft as the one I knit for his wife last Christmas. He will find out when I'm finished with it.

October 18, 2008

Surprise Started!

Someone will definitely be surprised with what is going on my needles tonight. I'm not going to divulge anything about it .... not even on Ravelry! It's going to be a surprise.

I did a few rows on clue 3 of the Mystery Stole 4 this morning before dh awakened. The stole is knit from both ends through clue 5. Then, clue 6 is only done on one of the pieces. When completed, the grafting begins. I hope I can get it done before Thanksgiving.

I also have about 80 rows to do on Secret of the Stole 2 that I started back in January when I was home from teaching for most of a week with a severe sinus infection. I got it out about a week ago and saw a "goofy-looking" decrease about six inches below. Froggin' definitely took place. I picked up all the stitches and have done about 5 rows after that. It is definitely on my "to-do" list for 2008, so I'd better get busy.

Happy knitting until the next post! TLGB

Completed Monkey Socks

These are my October socks for the SAM 2008 KAL. I started "some" socks back on Aug. 18 ... didn't know what pattern I would use, but co 64 sts and did 1x1 rib for 12 rows and set them aside. Sept. 30 came and I picked up the circ holding the ribbing for my two socks. The decision was made to create a pair of Monkey socks for myself .... I had gifted dd with a pair a couple of years ago. The yarn is STR mediumweight in the Rolling Stone colorway. DH even made a comment that he liked the color and didn't think I had ever knit such a pretty sock.

October 10, 2008

Monkey Socks

On August 18, I began another pair of socks with STR mediumweight in the Rolling Stone colorway that was in my stash. I had actually purchased it for a chevron scarf for a friend, but didn't care for it with the Silkie in the Lunasea colorway. I hadn't decided on the pattern, so I just co 64 sts and did my 12 rows of 1x1 rib that I like. On Sept. 30 I decided to knit a pair of Monkeys by Cookie A. I had knit some for dd a couple of years ago for her birthday, but had never knitted myself a pair (dd did gift me with a pair a year ago). They are a pretty quick knit. I try to complete the 11 row repeat daily ... some days I don't make it, but they are almost to the heel flap. These are to be my October socks for the SAM 2008 KAL.
This week I signed up for a Christmas stocking swap. I have two Christmas stockings to knit for a teaching friend here, so need to get those finished, too. I was a late join, so haven't received my downstream yet. The mod said that they were still accepting members. I think that it will be fun. Another swap I joined was the Holiday Theme Swap on Ravelry, too. You send yarn, a pattern, plus items to either do with Thanksgiving, Christmas. Hannukah, etc. A lot of fun, I hope!
Happy knitting! TLGB

October 1, 2008

My pics of Angel Scarf

Here are some pics of the RSE angel scarf I did for Julie. The yarn is Diakeito yarn from Japan and the pattern is the Phileme scarf. I had purchased some blocking wires from Knitpicks earlier this summer. My first use of them was with this scarf. They worked very well and cut my time for blocking by at least half. I use an inch thick piece of styrofoam insulation for blocking. I cut the 4x8 ft. sheet in half and "hinged" it with duct tape (yet another use for the wonderful stuff). It makes is easier to carry and store.
This is a close-up of the scarf after blocking was completed.
This one is of the scarf just before it was folded and wrapped, then sent on its way to Julie.

September 30, 2008

Pics at last!

Clue One finished. I ran out of beads with just the last beaded row to do, so had to wait about a week without doing any more knitting. This is the second yarn I tried the Mystery Stole 4 with - first I used a navy laceweight yarn, but the beads I had purchased were too heavy for it. I had STR lightweight in the Motley Hue colorway. I like this color better with the beads. The above picture is closer to the actual color than the one below. The beads are a black rainbow color from Hobby Lobby.

Here are the pics of the Mystery Stole 4 through Clue 2.

The stole is knit from both ends and then grafted in the middle. I have both ends done through the second clue. This is the first knitted beading I've ever done, so have enjoyed the learning experience. After 48 years of knitting, you can still learn something new! Clues 3 and 4 are knitted with no beads .... some other participants that have finished those clues and I really like the look of this stole. There are only two more clues to come out .... with very little beads (9) on clue 5 and about 60 on the final clue.

Two weeks ago, our great-niece and her dh had their first child, a little boy. Well, I have a lot of sock yarn "leftovers", so decided to try making my own pattern for infant socks. CO 32 sts to begin The socks on the left are from Colinette Jitterbug in the popsicle colorway and had a 2x2 rib for 24 rows for the leg, a slip st heel flap of 16 rows, heel turn, 10 rows for the foot and then my favorite toe. Even kitchenered the toe of 12 total sts. The right socks are from STR Bella Coola colorway and are just 1x1 rib for 6 rows and then stockinette for the rest. Now I'm working with some Lisa Souza sock yarn in the gendarme colorway ..... doing 8 rows of 1x1 rib, then 6 k row, 2 p rows, to the heel flap, and plan to continue the 6k, 2p rows to the toe (except for heel). It is really turning out cute.

September 29, 2008

I've Been Lazy!

I have been knitting ..... just haven't been blogging. The Mystery Stole KAL is coming along .... I've finished Clue 2 ..... Clues 3 & 4 are out, but don't have any beading, so should be a faster knit. I have taken pics ... just need to upload them.

I've been busy knitting baby socks for my great-niece's new son. I knitted a plain stockinette pair from STR mediumweight in the Bella Coola colorway (blue/green) and a 2x2 rib leg in Colinette Jitterbug in the Popsicle colorway (bright basic colors). I'm knitting them with the dps that came with my Wollmeise sock club this month. It's been a long time since I've knitted with dps ..... even considered magic looping two pairs at a time, but decided that the yarn would be a tangled mess. DH says that baby socks only take her about 1 1/2 hours per sock ..... mine are taking about 2 1/2 hours. I've never knitted anything so small. Yes, I did them with heel flap and gussets. Hopefully I'll have two pairs done before the end of the month for the SAM KAL (only one sock is left, about 3/4 of it), but I really want to do a couple more pairs before the end of the week when I'd like to take them to the new mom, dad, and son. Oh, this great-niece's dh purchased the acreage that was part of the farm where my maternal grandmother lived on when I was young .... what a coincidence. I'm anxious to see what changes have been made to the house, buildings, etc. Will post pics when I've finished the second pair.

Julie on Ravelry, the recipient of my angel scarf, sent me a lovely thank you box. Folded paper bookmarks (I'm already using three of them), some soap, a heart-shaped moisturing shea butter that smells minty, some lavendar body bath, and some lovely pics she's taken. Thank you, Julie!
Happy knitting, everyone! TLGB

September 11, 2008

Angel Scarf

Below find the pics of the Phileme scarf that I "angel" knitted for Julie on Ravelry. I found the pattern on Ravelry ..... it's actually a Google doc ...... was translated from French. The pics are ones that Julie took after receiving it. I'm using them with her permission. I used Daiketo yarn, a 100% merino from Japan. It contained most of Julie's favorite colors. Here's a close-up she took to show the lace pattern ..... the scarf ended up having "points" along all the edges. I blocked in on my new lace wires from KnitPicks ..... cut blocking time by at least half.

A close-up of the lace pattern

A fence ... the perfect place to display the scarf

I really enjoyed the experience .... even though I did some "power knitting" to get the scarf done in 18 days.... and that was with school starting. Three years from now I won't have to worry about that ... retirement looms!

The Mystery Stole 4 is coming along nicely .... I only have two rows left, but ran short on beads. When I purchased them, Hobby Lobby didn't have enough in stock, but was getting more. Tomorrow I will make a quick trip there to get the additional beads. I did change from lace weight yarn to STR lightweight in the Motley Hue colorway (gray with subtle blues). I really liked the beads and they really overpowered the laceweight yarn. They were, of course, a size larger to begin with .... the smaller beads are difficult to find here in northern Iowa. The next clue comes out tomorrow, so maybe I can finish before it's loaded on the Yahoo Group site. Will take pics when the clue is finished.

Happy knitting, everyone! TLGB

September 6, 2008

Mystery Stole 4

I joined the Mystery Stole 4 KAL a while back .... finally, Sept. 5th came .... time for the first clue. I thought that I would make the stole with some Zephyr laceweight that has been in my stash for a long time. Well, I started the stole today after returning from the last county fair held in my state. I had purchased the beads to use, but couldn't find them in the size stated, so got the next size up ... a little bulky for the laceweight yarn, so I frogged the first four rows and am going to be using BMFA STR lightweight in the Motley Hue colorway. The yarn works better with my beads, so I hope to start it again tomorrow.

Today was the "Day of the Frog" for more reasons .... I tried the Bubble Wrap socks from SockBug on while on the way home from the fair .... they were HUGE! I frogged 1.5 inches of 1x1 ribbing and two patterns repeats on the leg ..... of both socks! Yes, I knit two socks at a time on magic loop .... love the method. Since I started using ml, I haven't done any socks on dps. This is the first socks I've frogged, so I guess that's not bad ..... but I almost cried. I usually knit with STR lightweight ... but, the Rolling Stone colorway I chose was mediumweight .... I didn't notice when I started, so had cast on my usual 72 sts ....WRONG! Now I have the 64 I usually use with mediumweight, so things will come out better ...... or at least I hope so!

Happy knitting to all! TLGB

September 1, 2008

Tucked In Angel Wings

I was asked by the moderator for the RSE2 to be an angel for Julie. Apparently, her upstream was unable to fulfill her commitment, so I was an angel. Most of the participants had received their box by the first week in August, so I was notified after that. I started the scarf on the 12th and finished knitting it on the 31st. I can't divulge the particulars (pics were taken) yet, since Julie is heading to Wisconsin for the wool festival there later on this week. She will return home on Sept. 8, so will have to wait until then. I thought that she shouldn't have to wait for me to finish knitting .... she could just as well enjoy a surprise box that I sent in mid-August. She did like it ..... check out her blog. I've really enjoyed our pms the past couple of weeks. I have packed the last bit of surprises and her scarf ... will mail them tomorrow noon when my classes at school are finished for the day.

Other than mailing the envelope, this year I can spend the rest of the afternoon doing household chores or better yet ..... knitting! I put my February Lady Sweater on the back burner while knitting the RSE angel scarf, so have taken that out to do nothing more than ..... FROG! I didn't care for the row of yo increases about every 7 stitches, so replaced them with kfb increases. Like the looks of those a lot better. I have one more row to knit and then I start the lace that goes from the underarms to the hem. I have the correct numbers of sts, so shouldn't have too many problems.

I'm looking through my many patterns for an idea for some socks for the month. Will probably start some with some MC Bearfoot in the Alpine (blue, green, purple & occasional brown) or some tussah silk/merino sock yarn from The Unique Sheep (shaded reds)....both were gifts from swap partners. I could really knit a pair of socks a week for a year and I might have most of my sock yarn stash gone ..... but more would probably be there in its place!

Happy knitting, everyone! TLGB

August 18, 2008

Progress on Angel RSE 2

The angel scarf for RSE 2 is progressing nicely. It is intended for Julie on Ravelry whose upstream apparently bailed out for the exchange. I decided that Julie didn't have to wait until I finished her scarf to receive her "goodies" box. So........last Friday I filled a box with goodies just for her. However, I included a note that also contained the following pics of her scarf. I didn't intend for it to be so mysterious, but my camera didn't do well with the colorway of the yarn either outside in the sun or inside the house. I did bunch up the scarf so she wouldn't be able to tell what the pattern was ..... at least I don't believe she will.

This second pic is of the two dogs ..... can't believe it! The Brittany, Cozi, used to run by my knitting basket and just grab anything she could get ahold of on the run and take off. Now she won't touch my knitting if I hold it right in front of her nose. My little poodle has always left yarn/fiber alone..... but she really is eyeing it this time, isn't she?I'm about 60% finished with the scarf, but won't be able to do a lot this week as school starts.

Once again, I didn't have any socks on the needles, so I co for some socks with STR mediumweight in the Rolling Stone colorway .... haven't firmly decided on the pattern, but have started the top ribbing. As for the past year, I knitting both socks on ml ..... no ssd here! TLGB

August 11, 2008

I'm An Angel!

My dh had the week-end off, so we were at our dd's home constructing a block wall for an area for plants on the backside of her home. We got the job done ...... here's the pic of the finished product ..... it's late to be planting, so will do the plants this fall and next spring. The only black dirt in her yard is what came in on the sod that was put down, so dh brought compost w/manure and some peat moss to try to help a bit. We'll add the good top soil later. The Brittany spaniel to the left is dh's hunting buddy and the white fluff of behind on the right belongs to dd's bichon frise. My apricot poodle was in the yard, too, but just out of camera range.

When I signed up for the Ravelry Scarf Exchange 2008, I once again volunteered to be an angel ... that is to supply a scarf and other goodies in the case of the bailout of a participant. Well,..... the angel call came on Saturday while at dd's. I waited until the return home to check out my ample stash ..... had two balls of the perfect color for the swap partner. So, this morning I've been trying different size needles until now I have the first inch of a 60 inch scarf. I figure that knitting from one to four o'clock each afternoon, I should finish about the middle of next week ..... that is also the week that school resumes for the district, so this teacher will be back to work in the morning only. With retirement approaching in a few years, that doesn't sound too bad to me.

I'm working on February Lady Sweater KAL her on Ravelry. Have almost finished the yoke of the sweater .... four rows to go. Then the body is a lacy stitch .... I think I'm going to substitute a different st. I've consulted a very old stitch pattern book I have (from the 1960's) and am going to try a couple. Hopefully, I'll like one.

Did some work out with the perreniels ..... cutting off spent blossoms/flowers and dead growth. I'm about half-done, so will still spend time tomorrow.

August 8, 2008

Spring Forward Has Sprung

My socks for the STR forum Spring Forward KAL are done ..... finished .... waiting to be washed. They were knit with STR mediumweight Lemongrass on Addi circ #1.5 with ml. Started them July 12 and finished knitting them last night but waited to kitchener the toes this morning. Now,......what sock will be next. Who knows?
My February Lady Sweater in BMFA Twisted in the Ravel colorway Rook-y is started. I decided some mods were needed, so started with 1.5 inches of 1x1 rib with the suggested buttonhole. About 2 inches further, decided to frog to the buttonhole and do a double yo buttonhole it a lot better. Still haven't found the buttons, but may do that this week-end at PT in Omaha. I know that they have quite a supply of buttons.
Also have started a sweater for dd.......she purchased the yarn, but I'm knitting it. It will have the cable from the Arwen sweater in IK a while back. Because of her arm length, I needed to add about 5 inches to the pattern ... quite impossible with the sleeves knitted per pattern. So, I'm using the cable from Arwen with the pattern of the Central Park Hoodie ... will make the possibility of a good-looking sleeve a lot better. Just have about 2 inches done on the first front.
I've sent off all of my swap packages, but am still waiting to hear from my upstream on the Caffeine Addicts swap. Haven't heard a word .... all packages were to be sent by today. Maybe I've been forgotten. ¿QuiĆ©n sabe? Who knows?
Suppose I'd better get back to my FLS and get the amt of yarn that I just frogged knitted ...again!
Happy knitting! TLGB

August 6, 2008

Knitting News

The Adamas Shawl that I started July 21 is finished, blocked, and dry! Here's a pic of it hanging on the fence ....had to put a sheet underneath it for any of the design to display. Below is the closeup ..... I'm really going to enjoy wearing this.
Last night I joined the February Lady Sweater KAL on Ravelry. I already had the yarn .... BMFA Twisted in the Rook-y colorway (one of the Ravel colorways). Decided that I wanted some 1x1 ribbing around the neck and then to carry it down the 8 sts edging on either side. I've made the first buttonhole using a new technique that was given on the pattern. Went downtown to the local fabric shop to look for buttons (one buttonhole is finished) and found some beautiful Celtic knot buttons .... only ..... there was only one card left and the owner said that she was getting a new button display in September. Well, when we are out and about in nearby towns, I'll just have to look for buttons since this is going to be a quick knit. After sock knitting and lace knitting the past two years, it will be a joy to work on a sweater with worsted weight yarn. Here's a pic of the neck ribbing and about 4 rows garter st.

DH is teaching a lot of classes for area EMS services, so I get a lot of knitting time at night while I'm watching television.

While I was at the fabric shop, I saw a lady that had knitted with a group of us in late 70's and early 80's. We had a group of about eight ladies that would meet at each other's home every Tuesday to just knit and taste some good desserts. My dd, Alcariel on ravelry, was born on a knitting group day in 1981. That must be the reason that she is such a good knitter now. One of the ladies, a former public librarian here, is turning 100 years old on Aug. 12. I've decided that I'm going to finish SOS2 for her and send it out to her in Goleta, California, where she moved about 15 years ago to be near her son. Kitty was a very avid knitter but no longer is able to do such intricate patterns due to loss of her eyesight. She is, however, still able to knit a simple hat or scarf. Happy Almost Birthday, Kitty!

Happy knitting, TLGB!

August 4, 2008

Adamas Shawl Is Completed!

Just finished bo the Adamas Shawl for the KAL. I only used two skeins of STR lightweight .... ended up with about 2 g. left, 7 yds. or so. I had never used the bo that was given and will definitely use it more. I started this July 21 and completed it August 4. What a quick, enjoyable knit! Here's a pic of the completed shawl before blocking.

I ordered the blocking wires from KP last week. The books and fork pins have come, but not the wires. I called KP since one box of the pins had fallen out a broken corner in the box. They are replacing those .... their rep said that they handle problems with USPS, so that was nice.She said that the wires should arrive within a couple of days. I really want to get it blocked, but since I don't plan on completing another shawl in the near future, think I'll wait until the blocking wires come to do that. After talking with dd, decided that I'd block the shawl after all. I use a 4'x8' piece of 1" thick styrofoam insulation. I did cut the piece in half, securing the two pieces together with a "duct tape" hinge, so it folds up for easier storage.
DH commented as I was knitting the shawl that he really liked the colors. Um.......think his next pair of socks will be from the extra skein I have. As I was knitting, I was hoping that I could get the shawl out of two skeins so he could have some socks like it.

August 1, 2008

Stash Over-enhancement

After dh spent $$$ for chemicals for the grasses on 100+ acres of land for wildlife habitat (pheasant hunting this fall), I over-indulged at BMFA site. I always buy myself "something" with part of my summer checks from teaching during the school year. Well, that "something" was my Ladybug spinning wheel ... but I decided to shop BMFA also.

These three hanks of Twisted in the Rook-y colorway are going to be used for the February Lady Sweater that will help keep me warm in my classroom (whether hot or cold weather outside).
The other pics are all of STR lightweight. Uses will be for the Charlotte's Web Shawl (five colorways), Mystic Light Shawl ( Motley Hue colorway), one of the colors for a Chevron Scarf (I already have one of the Raven colorways), and socks, socks, socks ......

L to R - Pixie Park, Firebird, Sunstone, Dixie Chick.

L to R - Jewel of the Nile, Watermelon Tourmaline, Braun's Woods, Space Dust

L to R - Crazy Lace Agate, Blue Brick Wall, Tanzanite, Lucy

STR Motley Hue (for shawl)
I already have another 12+ skeins of STR, so have been able to put together three different color groups for the CWS .... now to decide which one to use. I have until I finish the Adamas Shawl in STR Typhoon Tina. I LOVE BMFA! Happy knitting!

July 28, 2008

Ravelry Scarf Exchange

On Saturday when we went out in the garage to leave for two different social gatherings, I found two boxes that the USPS had left. One was from Hreow on Ravelry, my upstream from RSE 1. After learning that I had purchased a spinning wheel, she sent me a whole box (she called it a "wee parcel") full of fiber goodness. Included were shetland, camel, English, Bowmon Braf (blue yarn at top), Wensleydale, merino, Jacob's, Seaweed wool, BFL, Scottish llama, yak, alpaca, silk, and bamboo. Wow! Do I have a lot of work to do! Thanks, Hreow!

The other was from Knittog, my RSE 2 upstream.

Included was a lovely scarf in the perfect color of blue, some Noro Kureyon (will be used for a buttonhole neck scarf), a coffee cup sleeve, a Moonstruck chocolate bar, locking stitch markers, a coffeepot keychain, a small notepad that will go in my purse, and some salt water taffy. The chocolate bar and taffy were made in Oregon. Thanks, Knittog.

On the knitting front, I'm knitting on the Adamas Shawl. I've completed 9 of 14 repeats on chart 2..... however, the rows are getting longer ...... increasing from 7 sts to 240+ now! Hopefully, I'll have it completed before school starts. It has really been an enjoyable knit and a learning experience, too. I'm able to just rip down a few sts for 3-4 rows when I encounter a mistake and then work them back ...... only this time, hopefully correct.
The Spring Ahead socks are knitted about 4 inches out on the foot .... these are my "in the car" knitting, so not a lot of progress there lately.

Happy knitting. TLGB

July 24, 2008

Knitting Update

My downstream on RSE has received her box, so I can now post the pics. The pattern was by Ann Norling and is contained in her pattern #46 Six Lace Scarfs. I used the "Lacy Leaves" pattern with 39 sts co. The yarn was Aslan Trends Class in a bright blue (cotton) with a twist of navy (viscose) to give some sheen. I used #7 (3.5 mm) KP Harmony needle. The scarf was directional, so I knitted the two halves and then did a three-needle bindoff, a first for me on a scarf. I had used the technique for years with shoulders of sweaters. Annadownya on Ravelry, a Floridian, was recipient of the scarf and was pleased. I knitted each half until a ball of yarn was about finished so it ended up being 10" x 84".

I started the Adamas Shawl KAL earlier this week, the 21st. Tonight I finished the 7th repeat of chart 2 which is half of the rows ...... but the shawl is growing I'm about a third finished with it. I've found the written directions easier to follow than the charts, so have been using those. I knitting with BMFA STR lightweight in the Typhoon Tina colorway on #5 KP Options .... I just exchanged the 40" cable for the 60". I have about 1/3 of the first ball of yarn knitted, so will probably use two, possibly just a little of the third. I'm really enjoying knitting and my dh has actually complimented me on my knitting for once .... wow, that's a first (I think) in the 36 years we've been married. Here's pics of the shawl through the 7th repeat and also a closeup of the sts.

Time to get some sleep .....happy knitting ...... TLGB!

July 20, 2008

RSE Completed!

The scarf for RSC is finished and almost dry from blocking. The other goodies are waiting to be sent to annadownya on Ravelry. Sorry, no hint as to what is coming. This exchange we were to make ourselves known to our downstream.......only the scarf details were to be kept secret. I found the perfect yarn in May, but not the right pattern for the yarn until almost the end of June. I did start four other scarf patterns, but none did the yarn justice. Hopefully, it will please annadownya.

The Spring Ahead socks for the STR June KAL are an easy knit. Even though the pattern calls for lightweight STR, I am using mediumweight STR so that helps. I'm doing both socks on ml and have the gussets about halfway knitted now. I hope to have the gussets finished before hitting the pillow tonight.

I signed up for the Adamas shawl KAL on Ravelry. I'm planning to using lightweight STR in Typhoon Tina colorway. I tried it on #7 and didn't care for the fabric, so I'm starting out on #5 the next time ....perhaps tomorrow.

Here is northern Iowa, it is really humid with temps in the low 90's, so really don't feel like going outside to do anything. DH is doing his usual Sunday afternoon activity ..... napping on the sofa! I'd like to go to the movie Mama Mia this afternoon, so that may delay more knitting a bit.

Back to knitting! TLGB!

July 13, 2008

Socks That Rawk KAL

I realized last week that I didn't have any socks on the needles after I finished two pairs that were WIPs. Decided that I'd do the Spring Ahead Socks KAL that the Socks That Rawk group is doing this month. I chose lemongrass for the colorway, but it is mediumweight. I do knit quite tightly, so I'm using Addi 1.5 ml. I've only knitted about three hours total, but have already completed 1.5 pattern repeats (24 total rows per repeat) on both socks .... that leaves just 24 more rows until I'm at the heels. The repeat is an easy one to memorize, so don't have to refer to the pattern/chart.

I'm also working on the scarf for annadownya for the Ravelry Scarf Exchange. I've never done two halves and then a 3-needles bindoff, so that something new for this old knitter. The pattern and yarn is secret until it is received by the downstream pal, so a pic should be posted before the end of the month .... Aug. 1 is the date the exchange ends. I have all the goodies for the box, just need to finish the scarf ..... I'm about 1/4 done with the second half. I love this pattern with the yarn .... it's only the fifth one that I tried. TLGB

July 10, 2008

Latest Knitting

I've been working on the Ravelry Scarf Exchange for annadownya from Florida. I have finished half of the scarf. It's secret, so can't give the yarn or pattern. It needs to be finished this month and sent. This is the 5th pattern I tried, but it is the one for the chosen yarn.

Finished the River Rapids socks from Sock Bug. These were started for a gift for one of the organizers of the DSM Metro Knitters retreat in Feb. Now, they are finally finished.

Last night was a first ..... no socks on the needles. This morning, I cast on the Spring Forward socks from Knitty in STR lemongrass colorway. The yarn is medium weight instead of lightweight, but I usually co 72 sts for my high instep, so figure the 66 sts will be enough. I'll be using these socks for the SAM6 KAL. TLGB

July 3, 2008

Back from Colorado, again!

We are back from our nephew's wedding in was at the McC Ranch northwest of Loveland ..... absolutely breath-taking view of the mountains. And .....they loved the afghan that I've been working on for the past three months!

Also during the road trip, I worked on the River Rapids socks that has been "snoozing" for quite some time. I just have to kitchener the toes and they will be completed for the 6-Sock KAL.

Now, I'm working on the scarf for the Ravelry Scarf Exchange. I decided on the yarn early in May, but only recently decided on the pattern. Both are secret, so won't be posting until it is sent and received. TLGB

June 25, 2008

Finished Works!

Wow! Two finished projects this month....first I finally finished the Jacobean Socks from SKP 2008 in Smooshy, the ruby river colorway.
Next, the afghan I started earlier this spring for our nephew's wedding in Colorado on June 28. It was knitted double-strand with Cascade 220 in three shades of taupe and three of teal. The final size is about 48" by 84". Our nephew is about 6'5", so wanted it plenty long. It is the Ombre Alpaca Blanket from Last Minutes Knitted Gifts.