December 6, 2009

I'm Still Alive and Knitting!

I have been terrible with my blog the past three months. I have been knitting, mostly Christmas presents that I've been trying to keep "secret" from dd and dh. Dh doesn't realize, most times, that what I'm knitting is his. I started the Cauchy socks from Cookie A's "Sock Innovation" in a Crazy Zauberball that I purchased at Sock Summit's marketplace. The colorway was described as royal blue, charcoal (almost black), a teal green, and light gray. Well, there's about an inch wide strip of purple in the middle of the royal blue. Shortly after our marriage 37+ years ago, dh told me that he didn't wear pink or purple. Well, I hope that he has mellowed now that he's over 60, but just in case he doesn't I've just started a pair of socks in a dark hunter green Huntington from Valley Yarns that I purchased from WEBS at sock summit ..... destined for Valentine's Day. If I get them finished, I'll be happy.

In mid-September a specialist diagnosed the pain in the base of my right thumb as basal joint arthritis at an "old" thumb fracture site. I think that probably happened 10+ years ago on an ambulance run. It was treated as a "jammed" thumb with no xrays taken. I, too, thought that was the case until last year this time when I could not do color knitting as I had before due to the extreme pain. Now at least there's a diagnosis. I have a splint to wear when needed and take ibuprofen as needed. Other knitting hasn't been affected that much, just slower. Now, I wasn't a fast knitter like some, but realize when the pain starts to stop knitting and do a "paraffin dip". That really helps.

I am about 3/4 finished with a knitted hedge hog (from Fiber Trends) for the daughter of a teacher/friend that dd and I became acquainted with at Sock Summit. Just purchased the nose and eyes. DD (Alcariel on Rav) hasn't started hers for the other daughter, so we've decided that it will be a gift in the New Year. I did finish the toe-up socks from my class at SS "Toe-up for the Stubborn" with Deb Barnhill. And ..... I do wear them just about every week!

I'm quite the "proud mama" since dd started a videocast after our return from Sock Summit. Check it out at Both dh and I are eager on Thursday mornings to watch it with our first cup of coffee.

Today is "start the Christmas tree" day. We have an artificial one that has a lot of branches to be placed and then I weave the strings of white mini lights through the branches. Usually a two-day task after I return from teaching my Spanish 1 classes. All I have done so far, is the furniture moved out of the walls and trying to fit everything with room for the tree. I'll take a pic when it is done. Dd always likes to see the tree in the front window when she comes home for Christmas.

Happy December everyone! TLGB

September 19, 2009

Toe-up Socks Almost Done!

I'm almost finished with my toe up socks that I started after DD and I took the Sock Summit class, Toe Up for the Stubborn with Deb Barnhill. Here's the latest pic taken-
This pic shows the socks with 7 pattern repeats completed above the heel flaps - I actually did 8 and then had to only do the first 5 rows on the last repeat. Now I'm about two rows into the 1x1 rib - I'll probably do a total of 18 rows, so it will take some time. I hope to have these completed this week-end.

September 10, 2009

Helen's Socks Are Completed!

Just finished the socks for Helen, the elderly lady I taught with when I first started 38 years ago. The pattern is Socks of Kindness: A Recipe, knit with Austermann Step (colorway 09) on Addi #1 ml. Can't wait until next week when dd comes home and we present both she and her husband Art with hand-knitted wool socks. She is always admiring what I'm knitting when we meet at the coffee shop.
Happy knitting! TLGB

September 4, 2009

Dear Helen's Socks

After dd and I returned from SS09, we had to have morning coffee at "The Grind". A retired 90 yo+ teacher and her dh always come in after 8:30 for their cups of coffee and a shared bagel/scone. DD, Alcariel on Rav, said,"Why don't we knit Helen and Art some socks?" We took quick glimpses of their feet and have just guessed at what sizes to make. She decided to make hers for Art out of some yarn she purchased at SS. She has already finished hers and I'm still working on mine for Helen. Check Art's socks out on her videocast. I'm about 1 inch past the gusset. Helen's feet appear to be about the same size as mine (10 ladies), so I have about 6.5 inches to go before starting the toes. With school starting, my knitting time has been shortened. With the extra day this week-end, maybe I'll get a lot done. It's a bright, sunny afternoon, so decided to take some pics. The small bits of teal/turquoise don't show well in the photos.

I've done all my prep work for teaching next week, so will have plenty of time to knit. Dh is on medic duty all week-end, so I may not see a lot of him.
Have a happy and safe Labor Day! Happy knitting! TLGB

August 22, 2009

Knitting With Beads

I decided to pull out the Heart to Heart Scarf by Silvia Harding that was part of the Embrace the Lace Club from Woolgirl. When the package arrived in late May, I started with the gorgeous cashmere yarn right away. I was, however, always dropping a bead and searching for it. Well, I've come up with the following help that is really working for me. I'm using a half-size cake/cookie sheet with the rubber shelf liner in the bottom. I've been copying my stitch patterns on index cards that I cover with clear Contact paper for ease in taking with me and not destroying the pattern. I can load my crochet hook with beads and leave it on the matt ..... it doesn't move anywhere. With the tray on my lap, what beads may fall on the matt, stay there! I actually may enjoy beaded knitting now. Here's a couple pics.

I'll try to take a pic of the first repeats of the shawl this afternoon and post those, too.
Happy knitting! TLGB

August 21, 2009

RSE4 Scarf Is Done!

I've been in all the Ravelry Scarf Exchanges and also was an angel. This scarf, however, had me stumped for a couple of months ....... I knew what yarn I was going to use for Starrypurplehaze, but the patterns I tried, all three, just didn't work. Then, I decided to try a pattern I had received recently .... BINGO! ..... just perfect. On July 28, I started the scarf for the 4th time and just finished it this afternoon ...... it's blocking as I blog. I can hardly wait to get it off the blocking board ..... I have a 4x8 ft. piece of 3/4" styrofoam insulation that I use ..... It stood up amazingly well with all the pins I use when I block. 9-8-09 Scarf has been received, so here's the pics. I'm also trying to get the Gaia Shoulder Hug done for a friend. It only takes one skein of Noro sock yarn. A lady was knitting one at the SS, so I went in the marketplace, found the yarn at Paradise Fibers, and ran the pattern off in the lobby of the hotel. Then I discovered that I had left my notebook with all my circs at home. It was the first thing I started when I returned home.

Then I'll do the socks for an elderly retired teacher ......, she and her husband come every morning for coffee and a bagel/scone/sweet bread at the Daily Grind here. She and her dh, both in their early 90's, still live at home without outside assistance. They are amazing people! DD has already completed Art's socks and I do have Helen's about 3 inches down on the legs. I do both on ml, so once I get started, they will go fast.

I'll then do the socks I started at Sock Summit for my Toe-Up for the Stubborn class. I have the magic cast-on mastered and am halfway up the foot, but now I have to study the "formula" sheets that Deb, knitpharm on Rav, gave at her class. I'm honestly looking forward to getting busy on them.
That's all for now. Happy knitting! TLGB!

August 19, 2009

Sock Summit Memoirs

Sock Summit is in the past, the memories made there will last forever. DD and I flew into Portland on Wed., Aug. 5. We encountered a fellow sock enthusiast while waiting in the Denver airport .... We were even staying at the same hotel, so stayed together on the train ride from the airport. We arrived later at night, so we just met up with fellow Ravelers in the lounge area and finally ate some food ..... we had just snacked since leaving on our flights mid-morning. The beds really felt good that night.

Our hotel was diagonally across the intersection from the Oregon Convention Center . We were up early to get registered. The above pic was taken from the hotel's parking area. Once we were across the busy streets, the SS banner greeted us.
We didn't have trouble finding the registration ..... just follow the sound of lively conversation.Then DD, and I simply had to unhook the rows of 5-6 chairs to form a knitting circle. The next day we were politely informed that the circle had to become an oval due to Fire Marshall's orders. It worked the same ..... make a circle or oval and the knitters will come and join. It was a joy to not have to explain to people what we were doing .....just tell what we were knitting. Even though we had volunteered to help where needed, there were a lot of us, so we didn't have to do anything but knit.
Friday we had our Toe-up for the Stubborn class with Deb Barnhill ..... excellent! DD and I will both definitely be trying Deb's method for toe-up ..... soon! Shortly after our class ended, we took part in the Guiness book record-breaking with over 900 knitters knitting on straight needles (2 only ...... four dpns are not 2). The fifteen minutes of simultaneous knitting without looking at directions went fast with the Yarn Harlot announcing, "Okay, you may stop now." A reply could be heard from the back of the hall, "Just one more row." What a fun time!
Saturday morning, I was greeted by Knittog, my upstream from RSE last year at this time. She took a class in the morning and then treated dd and I to lunch at the center and walked around the marketplace with DD while I was in my last class. She gave a "goody" bag with munchies and coffee for the hotel room and also passes for our ride out and back from the Rav get-together. Thanks, Sharon!

On Saturday evening, Ravelry held a gathering at the World Forestry Center, about a 25 min. train ride from the hotel. I won the last "door prize" -- four patterns that Chrissy Gardiner was debuting at SS.

Sunday, we loaded up our dirty clothes to UPS back home ...... didn't want to trust UPS with our precious yarn purchases, I guess. That also gave us opportunity for one last knitting circle at the OCC, one last walk through the marketplace before the Luminary panel discussion of the history of knitting from truly great contributors to knitting as we know it today.

Then we had to pack ..... but Deb Barnhill called our room and said that we should knit together .... so we had some more quality knit time before we needed to finish packing and get some rest. Deb had to get up at 4am, but we slept in 'til 7am. Took the train to DPX at 9am and left DPX at 11, arrived in Omaha at 5:30pm, gathering luggage, loaded it in the car, and took off for northern Iowa ..... arrived home about 11pm.

Tina and Steph, all your hard work will never be forgotten ..... Sock Summit was GREAT!

July 22, 2009

Magic Shawl Completed!

The shawl is done...... ready to wear in Portland for the Sock Summit. The thing grew and grew as I was blocking it. The wingspan was 92 inches and the center back length was 36 inches. I ended up stopping on row 142 in the large size before starting the border. I had 66 gr left in the yarn cake but since the last row took a full 5 gr, didn't have enough to complete the six row repeat plus the border. The blocking wires worked well .......placed them around the outside edge of the shawl but also up the center back to add some stabilization as I was blocking it. Here's the pics of blocking and the finished shawl.Also have to complete "homework" for the SS09 ..... need to do about six more rows on my toe-up socks. I've always had a problem with my high instep when buying shoes, but now I also have the problem with knitted socks ..... which I absolutely love to wear! I chose the Absinthe pattern from the current Knitty. Was able to get the toes looking okay ..... just have to be halfway up the foot. Here's a current pic. Just in case the socks don't fit, I decided to choose a colorway I didn't care for too much ..... Lucky was the choice. I can always wear them at Christmas and for St. Patrick's Day ..... if they fit.

I've started the Cable and Garter cardigan from Frog Tree. I'm just starting the cables on the back. That's all for now. Happy knitting, everyone!


July 1, 2009

Hi, I'm Here!

I have been negligent lately in blogging. DD and I have been to the Estes Wool Market again. DD and I went out early to take a class on Thursday in ...... make a project basket that will fit behind the carseat. We both turned out pretty good baskets, but do have to "soak" the top rim to shape it for the car. This time we didn't do so much damage to the $$$. Did buy a spindle, some fiber to send to Hreow on Ravelry, yarn + pattern for a vest for school, and yarn + the pattern for Magic Shawl. Here's a pic of the shawl, so far.
Oh, my big purchase was from Conni Tögel prints - purchased three 5x7 as my "nativity scene" purchase for 2009 ... "Welcoming the Real King", "The Road to Baathlehem" and "Do You See What I See?". Pictures for the stash room will include "Hanging By A Thread", "Leap of Faith", and "Occupational Therapy". You might check out the artist here.

Finished a total of seven gators for the Operation Knitted Gators on Ravelry. The first one was given to the SIL of a coffee friend who's headed to Iraq (? due to latest developments in Iraq) and the other six plus four that DD knit were sent to Kerlina on Ravelry for her DH's soon-to-be-deployed unit that heading to Afghanistan. We have enough yarn left from one bag to finish 3-4 more, so will try to get those off yet this summer.

Just finished SAM June socks at 11:29 p.m. last night when the last toe was kitchenered. Waited until this morning to take pics with the tiger lilies out back. The details are "Sailor's Delight" from 2-at-a-time Socks, Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett Colorway 4251 (blue, green, gray, rose), ml on #1 Addi turbo, ladies size large. I like the spiraling stitches on the leg, but hope that it doesn't twist the instep. We'll see as I wear them this fall and winter.
Happy knitting for now. TLGB

May 31, 2009

Spring Has Finally Sprung!

Spring has finally arrived in northern Iowa. The flowers are beginning to bloom ..... from the top - columbine, clematis, lupine, and blanket flower. Our vegetable garden is growing well .... tomorrow we'll eat our first leaf lettuce.....tomatoes are beginning to bloom, as are the peppers, onions, zucchini, cabbage ...... and even though the rabbits tried to stop them ...... the broccoli and cauliflower were helped when we placed red clay tiles around them. I've made at least three batches of rhubarb sauce with either frozen strawberries or blackberries added after it cooled a little plus a strawberry/rhubarb pie when dd was home for Mother's Day.
I joined the Operation Knitted Gater on Ravelry to provided a 9-inch knitted gater for troops during deployment. They are knit from colorway 275 (actually chosen by the commander of the unit to match one of the uniform colors) in Cascade 220 superwash. The details are available on the group's forum, so check it out if you would like to help provide these. The group was actually started by the wife of a deployed soldier, wanted 155 gaters by Oct. I knitted one that I gave to a df's sil who leaves next week-end for his deployment. My df said that he had mentioned that "neckware" was needed. I gave it to her today since they were going to "the lake" for one last extended family outing before the sil leaves. Now, I'm ordered a bag of 10 from the yarn shop in Washington that suggested on the forum since she will sell a bag of 10 for the price of 9 if used to knit the gaters ... the first two skeins I ordered from a yarn shop here in the midwestjust to get them quickly. Dd and I will probably knit some while at the Estes Park Wool Market in June and they will be good knitting on the flight out to SS2009 in August.
I'm closing in on the end of the gussets on the Sailor Delight Socks that I started earlier this month. They will be my June socks for the SAM KAL. They are an easy knit since the st pattern is easily memorized,
I had decided not to join RSC 2009 because I didn't care for much of the last year's offerings. Well,....dd is still in and I have loved every one so far this year. I went to BMFA and you can still join ....... so pretty soon I will have three of the kits in my mail. I'm also expected the ETL club offering .... I have looked at spoilers, so know I'm going to like both the pattern and yarn...... it's cashmere with beads!
On the school front ..... three more days ...... actually just the semester final tests days. Then I have to pack up the contents of my room for a move to the other end of the building. Luckily, a lot can be packed in a base cupboard that will be moved to the other room by maintenance staff. I'm so ready for summer ...... this has been a very trying year with students that don't want to even try to learn Spanish words ...... but they do want to learn Spanish. Don't understand.
Happy knitting. TLGB

May 16, 2009

Some New WIPs

I decided that I needed to get some more projects started. I didn't even have a pair of socks on the needles, so I co Sailor's Delight socks from Two At A Time Socks. I've knitted my socks two-at-a-time for the past 2-3 years, so ml isn't anything new ..... just liked the look of these socks. They are knit in Regia Design Line in colorway4251 (blue, teal, rose, purple) with Addi #1 on ml.
I wanted to knit a scarf/shawl, so in my stash was the New Shell Scarf from Jamieson's (Scotland). The yarn is Jamieson's Ultra in strawberry crush colorway (a light red heather) and is knit on KPH #5. It was a gift from Hreow (Rav ID) in the first Ravelry Scarf Exchange. I just have never started it .... it's only a two-row repeat, so it easy to remember. The pattern calls for two balls but Hreow sent three, so it will be a bit longer.

Happy knitting! TLGB

May 14, 2009

Finally Leyburns Are Done!

The Leyburn socks for the STR KAL were started shortly after the first of the year. Once again, hand pain limited my knitting. Picked these up last week with the heel flaps at the halfway mark. Thanks to dh driving on a trip to the VA for his hearing aid check and a stop to get my new military dependent's ID, I was able to knit most of the trip. When we returned home, I only have about 5 rows left on the toes. I did mod by tapering the pattern st to a "v" on the instep and knitting the remainder of the foot in stockinette.
Yarn: STR lightweight in Dixie Chicks colorway
Needles: Addis #1 circ for ml
Pattern: Leyburn socks

I joined the Operation Knitted Gator group earlier this month....received the specific yarn requested last week and began knitting. I'm already half finished with the first gator. The group was started by kerlina on Ravelry to send a gator (k2,p2 "turtleneck" scarf) to every soldier in her dh's unit that has been deployed to the middle east. She hopes to have 155 finished to send in October. Since dh is a retiree of the national guard, I decided that it was the least I could do.

May 5, 2009

Pastor's Socks Finally Completed!

These socks were the last of a two-pair commissioned job from a silent auction at church in mid-November. Knowing I had a lot of Christmas knitting to do, I told our associate pastor that I would start the socks after Christmas. I started his wife's on Dec. 31. Then, the hand pain from toooooo much knitting for Christmas hit. I slowed my usual three pair on the needles down to just one pair. Finished that pair the end of February and started these right away. These, however, were for a size 12 wide foot. I still had to take it slow ..... listen to the hand pain. Just finished these earlier this evening ..... May 5th.
Pattern: Gentleman's Socks with st pat modified
Needles: Addi #2 circ both socks at once
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill supersock in Java colorway (Pastor loves a bold coffee, so thought it appropriate.)
Happy knitting! TLGB

April 26, 2009

Clue 1 - Completed at Last!

Here's the pic of clue 1 of the Mystic Roses KAL. I started the shawl on 3-23-09 and have just finished the first clue ..... of course, it did involve 22 set-up rows followed by 98 pattern rows. There are fewer rows on the other four clues, but of course, the rows will keep getting longer. My goal is to finish it sometime in June. I'm knitting it with JaggerSpun Zephyr in the Chanel colorway on Addi lace #4.

April 22, 2009

Mystic Roses KAL post frogging

Have I ever made frequent trips to the "frog pond" with the MR shawl. The first fifty pattern rows seemed to through me off when the rows ended in "7"......27, 37, 47 ......well, now I'm going along fine. This is a slow knit with a lot of cf, cb, c1f, c1b sts. The chart reads c1f and directions tell you that the second half of the chart should be c1b instead ..... I do have one complete row on that side that has c1f ..... it hardly shows to me, so maybe with blocking it will be okay. I just finished row 75..... there are 98 rows in the first clue, but the others range 20-40 rows. Of course, the rows are becoming longer ..... by the end, I expect to taking over an hour per row. The one good thing is that the ws rows are k2, p to last 2 sts, k2. Quite a relief every time! My goal is to have this completed by the Estes Wool Market in mid-June. If not that .....then for Sock Summit in August.

Happy knitting! TLGB

April 7, 2009

Mystic Roses KAL

I started a second Mystic Roses KAL with JaggerSpun Zephyr in the Chanel colorway, a bright rose ..... some may call it fuschia. I had trouble conquering row 27, but after three or more tries, my latest lifeline is on row 30. For now, I'm placing them every 10 rows but will make it about 4 or maybe 2 rows when the rows are longer. I've been using my KP Harmony tips but will probably change to the Options since this yarn blends in with the color of the wood especially at night. The sts show up better on the silver tips. Here's a pic of the shawl so far (taken on a pillow top that I knitted 30+ years ago). My goal is to have the shawl completed before Estes Park Wool Market in June or the BMFA Sock Summit 2009 in Portland Aug. 6-9.

Am still knitting on pastor's socks ... my right thumb is bothering me a lot when doing that, so only get 5 rows done each time ..... I'm knitting both socks, however, so it's actually 10 rows or so.

Planning on visiting dd this week-end for Easter .... hope to get some serious knitting time in when I'm there.

Have a blessed and safe Easter holiday. TLGB

April 2, 2009

I'm Still Knitting!

Don't know why, but I just haven't blogged in almost a month! I am about halfway finished with the foot on the socks for our associate pastor ...... Gentleman's Socks with modified st in CTH Java colorway ..... he really likes bold coffee, so the colorway is appropriately named. The socks were commissioned from a silent auction at church before Christmas. I had placed four pairs of women's socks for auction ..... only sold one pair, but pastor asked for a pair for both he and his wife. Hope's were finished about a month ago .... then I began on pastor's size 12 socks ..... hopefully they will be completed by the 15th of April.

DD and I signed up for the Mystic Roses KAL. I ordered some BMFA Laci in the Valkryie colorway (burgundy, rust, rose with over-dying in black) and started the shawl ...... didn't particularly like the way it looked so while I was at dd's home a couple of weeks ago, we both ordered Jaggerspun Zephyr from Sarah's Yarns that week-end. DD ordered claret (a burgundy) and I ordered chanel (a bright rose color without the neon tone). I received my yarn from her today, so started the shawl .....again! I have the set-up rows done and plan to get a few pattern rows finished before my pillow beckons me to sleep. I still plan on finishing the Laci colorway to, but that will be for a teaching friend.

I still have to complete my Leyburn socks for the STR KAL ...... I'm ready to start the gusset pick-up sts along the side of the heels. It's been a long time since I started the socks, but do remember that they were knitting quite quickly. Now just to finish them.

Oh, the most important updates ...... dd and I are planning to attend the Estes Park Wool Market in June. This year we hope to take a class on Thursday ....... are choices were #1 Weave a basket for our knitting #2 Toe-up socks with a heel flap, and #3 Hand-dying yarn. On Friday we hope to finish the Lariat Loop letterbox series around Golden, CO and then go to the Wool Market on Saturday. Better than that, we booked airplane tickets and hotel rooms to attend Sock Summit 2009 in Portland this summer! Class registration will open up later on, so we are searching the long list of classes. We are both pretty excited. Dd also said that we will take time to letterbox there also.

Now for bad news ...... the National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning for our area with at least six inches of snow but areas of extremely heavy snow with up to 16 inches! The precipitation can start as early as Friday evening ..... just depends on which weather forecaster you're hearing. This will be good week-end to just sit and knit.

Happy knitting! TLGB

March 6, 2009

RSE3 Ready to Ship

I was very excited when the matches came out for Ravelry Scarf Exchange 3. I had participated in exchanges 1 and 2 plus sent an "angel" scarf for someone whose upstream didn't come through. As I was filling out the questionairre, I secretly thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to receive Hreow?" Well, when the matches were sent out ......I GOT HREOW! She had knitted me a lovely scarf in the first swap and over the past year or so, we have kept in touch with each other ..... almost carrying on our own person swap a couple of times. (photo taken by Hreow on Ravelry)
I finished her scarf mid-February, but had just blocked it the last week-end in February. This week I was to finish a couple of little things so I could send the package on its way to Scotland today. Well, the package was taped shut but without the mailing label on it when I discovered the card that was to be in the box was still on the bed in our spare bedroom. I discarded that box and packed the contents a second time. Then ..... I remembered that I hadn't taken a pic of the completed scarf yet, so opened this box to do so. Well ..... I can't think of any reason now to open the box .... everything is finally in it and pics are in my camera. She has received the package and this is the picture that she took .... it shows off the cables a lot better than any of my photos. She really liked it!

Tomorrow morning (Saturday) I'll be starting the package on its way..... I can't wait until Hreow receives it.

Happy knitting! TLGB

March 3, 2009

Ravelry Scarf Exchange 3

Yesterday when I came home for lunch, a box from New Zealand had arrived from nzPixie on Ravelry. Inside was a great project bag and TWO cowls with matching fingerless mitts to match the one.
Here's a close-up that shows the pattern and lovely buttons .....this will be worn with a black dress. I can hardly wait! She dyed this yarn herself! That's something I have yet to try.
Then, nzPixie also sent a bright blue (my favorite color) cowl with matching fingerless mitts, which I promptly wore when I took a friend for her daily radiation treatment following breast cancer surgery. She really liked them, too! Just perfect for driving!
Then came all the "goodies" she had packed in the box - a hand-written card, a "Stunning New Zealand" calendar, postcards showing the beautiful scenery of NZ, a key lanyard, a magnetic notepad for the frig (already used it for grocery shopping yesterday), a set of stitch markers made form Paua shells and made my her "mum", necklace, keychain, and some chocolate goodies.
Thank you, Pixie!
Happy knitting! TLGB

March 1, 2009

Finishing Things!

This past week has been a time for "finishing". On Saturday, I soaked both the RSE 3 scarf for Hreow and the Mad Color Weave Socks for our associate pastor's wife. All they have to do is dry a little more. I've started pastor's socks, completed the 2x2 rib and am on the third pattern repeat.

Today, Sunday, is a sunny but cold and windy day. I've been trying to complete the Hemlock Ring Doily Blanket for the Yarn Basket KAL on Ravelry. I've completed the last pattern row, but need to knit four rounds on almost 600 sts before starting the edging.

Also, I felted a few "surprise" things in the wash this afternoon. When they are dry, then I can complete the items.

Happy knitting, everyone! TLGB

February 25, 2009

Some Completed Items!

I knitted a lot the past two weeks ..... completed knitting the scarf for the Ravelry Scarf Exchange (needs to be blocked), some small knitted items to go along with it (felting comes next), about 6 very long rows on the outside of the Hemlock Ring Blanket for Beth's Yarn Basket KAL, and these .....
They are commissioned socks from our church's silent auction. Our associate minister purchased a pair for his wife, Hope.
Pattern: Mad Color Weave Socks by Christine Lorin
Yarn: Skacel Trampoline stretch, colorway 66
Needles: Addi #1 on magic loop
Size: Women’s 12
Then he decided he'd like a pair, too. His are just barely started .... about 6 rows of 2x2 ribbing on the Gentleman Socks by Kristi & Kristi R. Schueler in Cherry Tree Hill supersock in the Java colorway. He requested "brown" and likes dark roasted coffee ..... the perfect yarn.
Happy knitting, everyone! TLGB

February 9, 2009

A Week-end of Knitting!

This past week-end (Feb. 6-8) DD and I met in Des Moines for the 3rd annual Des Moines Metro Knitters Knit-In. The first night was spent in a "yarn-tasting" where we visited each of the eight table and "tasted" 2-3 three different yarns. Papers were provided to note the name of the yarn, manufacturer, and fiber content. As a side, we did have a wine & cheese tasting, too!
Saturday started with a couple hours of knitting followed by a Domino's Pizza lunch. In the afternoon, we received knitting hints/helps from attendees, an explanation of "hand-dyed" yarns with both verbal explanations and visuals, and different types of cast-ons. DD and I missed out on the cast-on since we were visiting yarn/craft shops. The weather there was "spring-like" warm ...... and we still have about six more weeks of winter here in Iowa. It was a "teasing" for us.
The rest of the week-end was spent knitting.....knitting...... and more knitting. Since I worked on a lot of "surprises", those won't be pictured until they've been received. Here's a pic of the Hemlock Ring Blanket that I should have started on Jan 8 for the KAL at the Yarn Basket in Carroll. My job, teaching, really cut into my knitting time in January. It is knit on KP Options #10.5 with Cascade Ecological Wool, colorway 8085 (a dark taupe).
Happy knitting! TLGB

January 17, 2009

Leyburn Sock Stitch Pattern for ML

The STR (Socks That Rawk) group on Ravelry is hosting a KAL with the Leyburn Socks. Well,.... it's a toe-up pattern. One construction that I haven't perfected to accomodate my very high instep. Someone had posted the pattern revision for top-down, but I knit both socks at the same time on magic loop. I tweaked that pattern a bit so it would work with magic loop. Here it is --
Leyburn Socks – stitch pattern for magic loop
Row 1: * wyif, sl 5, wyib, K1. Repeat from * around.
Row 2: Knit.
Row 3: K2, *lift loop with tip of left needle and k tog w/next st, K5. Repeat from * ending K3.
Row 4: K to last 3 sts, wyif, sl3.
Row 5: Continue wyif, sl2,* wyib K1, wyif, sl 5. Repeat from * ending K4.
Row 6: Knit to last st, lift loop and ktog with last st.
Row 7: *K5, lift loop and ktog with next st. Repeat from * ending K6.
Row 8: Knit.

I'm on my third repeat and I believe it is correct. Any problems or questions let me know. Will try to take a pic of the sock legs tomorrow. (edited - Here's the pic. The stitch pattern above is OK.)I had some "white-knuckle" driving today. This past week has been horrible here in northern Iowa. Monday was a blizzard - no school! Tuesday was a two-hour late start school day. Wednesday and Thursday were days off due to extreme cold temps -27F and -29F with wind-chills in the -40F. Friday, then, was another two-hour late start. I didn't see my first period class at all during the entire week! At the high school, we only have a 30 minute class with one of the three morning classes. On Tuesday, we began with 2nd period and Friday with 3rd --- first period had their time earlier when the weather was bad. I had cabin fever!!! I almost had my fill of knitting with so much time away from school. My AC adapter to charge my laptop died this week, so after trying to purchase one in town, I headed about 55 miles east. We still have about 8 inches of light, fluffy snow that blows around whenever the wind is up ....... today, again, the wind was blowing 20 to 35 mph. It was blowing low to the ground, so visibility wasn't too bad on the way over . After purchasing the adapter at Best Buy, I made a stop at a couple of stores, and then met my SIL and her DGD for lunch. Then ...., the drive home. I had noticed that wisps of snow were beginning to come out on the highway from the north on the way over, but they were a lot of them now. Most of the time, I could just move over the center line, but a couple of time I did have to break through the small drift. There were places, most right before and after the towns that the visibility wasn't too good and travel slowed to 25 mph. It took about 20 minutes more than usually, but I was home safe. I don't think that I am as brave at almost 60 years old as I was in my 20s to 40s. Just want to stay home and knit tonight.

January 14, 2009

Socks 2009

An "intention" for this year is to knit at least two pairs of socks each month. My two pairs for January are -
Mad Color Weave Socks by Christine Lorin in Skacel Trampoline in colorway 233 (red, orange, yellow, green, blue) on magic loop. These are commissioned from a silent auction at church in Nov. One of our pastors ordered a pair for himself and also one for his wife.....these will be for Hope. Pastor's will be started next in CTH supersock in the java colorway.... so appropriate for him since he loves a hardy, bold coffee.
The other pair is the Faceted Rib Socks from the Little Box of Socks in Ewephoria handpainted sock yarn (from the LYS about 40 miles from home) in a black, brown, grey and red-orange colorway. These will be my "Bulldog" socks to wear on the days of athletic competitions at AHS. The pair dd knitted three years ago are so faded that they look more rose and grey instead of black and red.
Also, I signed up for the STR Leyburn Socks KAL. The KAL members are trying to use as many different colorways of STR lightweight or mediumweight, so I chose Dixie Chick. I have yet to cast on the socks, however, school has been cancelled today because of the extreme cold. It started off at -3F and has been falling since. It is to "bottom out" at -30 to -40F before the cold spell ends on Friday. That doesn't include the wind chill which may approach-60F. I don't ever recall this frigid of temps in northern Iowa in my almost 60 years. Today may be the day to cast on since I usually have at least two different pairs on needles at the same time.
Happy knitting everyone ...... and stay warm! TLGB

January 10, 2009

2009 Intentions

I've finally decided on my knitting "intentions" for 2009. Finish wips -
Joe's scarf 50% done - finished & blocked 1-11-09

  • Darcy's felted purse just need to kitchener the i-cord handle and felt

  • MS4, a beaded stole 75% done

  • SOS2, 80% done

  • Felted cabled briefcase - sew-on handles and magnetic closures and felt

  • Jodi's Nordic mittens - finish top of last mitten and both thumbs

  • Tulip sweater 80% done

In addition, I intend to knit 1-2 pairs of socks each month (many of mine are starting to show wear), continue learning lace knitting by trying more difficult articles especially an Estonia shawl, and knit at least one sweater each for dd and me.

Right now, I'm working on a commissioned pair of socks from a silent auction at church. I had four pairs on display, sold only one of those pairs, but had said I would knit any color. Our associate pastor wanted a pair for himself and his wife. I'm doing both socks on ml and am almost ready to start the heels on the wife's socks made with Skacel Trampoline - red, orange, yellow, blue, and green colorway - in the Mad Color Weave Socks pattern.

Also, I'm starting a KAL with Beth's Yarn Shop with Cascade Eco-Wool in a darker taupe color in the Hemlock Ring Doily Throw. The shop is about 100 miles away, so I'm knitting from a distance. I should have started on Thursday, but had a class for teacher re-cert, so will start tonight. I will have gotten a lot of suggestions from the gals already knitting on round 20+.

I'm anxiously awaiting the start of the Ravelry Scarf Exchange 3. I've been in all three exchanges and also knitted an additional "angel" scarf for someone whose partner bailed out. I've received scarves from Scotland, and Oregon. My scarves went to Massachusetts (angel scarf), Florida, and Maryland. I enjoy keeping in touch with the swap pals. What a way to meet on-line friends.

Happy knitting. TLGB