October 28, 2007

A Chevron Scarf, Finally!

I had ordered some yarn from BMFA earlier to make a chevron scarf for a friend who is very particular. Well, I just didn't feel like starting something that she might not like. Then this past week when DD visited, she knitted on her chevron scarf while we at "coffee with the ladies" and my friend really like hers. So ...... we looked at my boxful of BMFA yarns trying to determine what I had ordered. I knew that the black onyx (shaded black/grey) was one but couldn't decide on the other. DD remembered that it was STR Love-in-Idleness (blue, fuschia, green, burgundy). I did about 3 repeats and didn't care for that ..... used STR Rollin' Stone instead ..... same thing. I then tried Rollin' Stone with Lunasea (Silkie) .... didn't like it. Finally, I did the Lunasea and Love-in-Idleness. Here's the first 3-4 inches. The different isn't as subtle as the pic shows. Not the best sunlight today. TLGB


October 21, 2007

Sunshine Is Back!

After 12 days of "non-sun" the last couple of days have been bliss - sunny, that is! Of course, the overcast sky of the past week was usually dropping rain on us. I can be happy, though, that it wasn't snow! We'd be buried in drifts of the white stuff.

The DH took his Brittany down to the farm to "practice" finding pheasants --- pheasant season here opens next week-end, the 27th. The little one, my miniature poodle, was laying around all the time. Then, when they returned, she went wild to get outside to see Cozi ..... you'd think she'd been gone a month. Well,.... then the two of them were lying side-by-side for the next hour or so. Should have taken a pic, but alas, didn't.

The Bubble Wrap socks are coming along nicely. I've finished the heels and am working on the gussets. Maybe I'll get those finished today. I usually am walking around the study hall I monitor with my knitting ... the students are always checking to see the progress. I love the project bag that my SP 11 sent me ... it really works well. Maybe the students' vigilance in checking will help me finish all three pairs I have going.

October 9, 2007

Awesome Package!

What a joy to see a package waiting for me when I got home from school! Tuckred, my dishcloth swap pal from Ravelry, sent great "stuff." I received some coffee, wild huckleberry jam, a chibi w/needles, a clover stitch holder, some point protectors, a lovely dishcloth, two "scrubbies", and a bookmark with scripture. Pic is coming ... just need to download it. Thank you so much!

October 7, 2007

Socks Started

I've cast on two pairs of socks on ml this week-end .... both from Sockbug. One of my coffee friends had "ooed and awed" over some KP Memories yarn (dc'd now) in the Carnival colorway, so I started the Riber Rapid Socks for her. I'm about halfway into the second pattern repeat (16 rows) and have to do three, I believe, for the leg. This summer when in Minnesota at my brother's lake cabin, I purchased some Jitterbug in the popsicle colorway, a lot of bright, basic colors. It is being knit as the Bubblewrap Socks for someone .... may even be me. I've just knitted about 1/2" in k2,p2 rib, so don't have much to show. Maybe some pics will come mid-week .... that is if the sun is shining for good pics.

Today after church, dh and I took off for the nearest yarn shop ..... about 70 miles away ..... ugh! Their fall hours are Wed. through Fri 10a-6p and Sat 10a-5p..... not open Sunday at all! I do have enough yarn, but just wanted to get some more Addi circs for socks. I tried starting a pair of socks on dps, but just couldn't get going on them. Guess the SSS was already attacking me. We did visit two WalMart in the area and I was able to purchase some items I wanted for school and a few other things, too. Suppose I'd better get some more papers corrected. TLGB