July 28, 2008

Ravelry Scarf Exchange

On Saturday when we went out in the garage to leave for two different social gatherings, I found two boxes that the USPS had left. One was from Hreow on Ravelry, my upstream from RSE 1. After learning that I had purchased a spinning wheel, she sent me a whole box (she called it a "wee parcel") full of fiber goodness. Included were shetland, camel, English, Bowmon Braf (blue yarn at top), Wensleydale, merino, Jacob's, Seaweed wool, BFL, Scottish llama, yak, alpaca, silk, and bamboo. Wow! Do I have a lot of work to do! Thanks, Hreow!

The other was from Knittog, my RSE 2 upstream.

Included was a lovely scarf in the perfect color of blue, some Noro Kureyon (will be used for a buttonhole neck scarf), a coffee cup sleeve, a Moonstruck chocolate bar, locking stitch markers, a coffeepot keychain, a small notepad that will go in my purse, and some salt water taffy. The chocolate bar and taffy were made in Oregon. Thanks, Knittog.

On the knitting front, I'm knitting on the Adamas Shawl. I've completed 9 of 14 repeats on chart 2..... however, the rows are getting longer ...... increasing from 7 sts to 240+ now! Hopefully, I'll have it completed before school starts. It has really been an enjoyable knit and a learning experience, too. I'm able to just rip down a few sts for 3-4 rows when I encounter a mistake and then work them back ...... only this time, hopefully correct.
The Spring Ahead socks are knitted about 4 inches out on the foot .... these are my "in the car" knitting, so not a lot of progress there lately.

Happy knitting. TLGB

July 24, 2008

Knitting Update

My downstream on RSE has received her box, so I can now post the pics. The pattern was by Ann Norling and is contained in her pattern #46 Six Lace Scarfs. I used the "Lacy Leaves" pattern with 39 sts co. The yarn was Aslan Trends Class in a bright blue (cotton) with a twist of navy (viscose) to give some sheen. I used #7 (3.5 mm) KP Harmony needle. The scarf was directional, so I knitted the two halves and then did a three-needle bindoff, a first for me on a scarf. I had used the technique for years with shoulders of sweaters. Annadownya on Ravelry, a Floridian, was recipient of the scarf and was pleased. I knitted each half until a ball of yarn was about finished so it ended up being 10" x 84".

I started the Adamas Shawl KAL earlier this week, the 21st. Tonight I finished the 7th repeat of chart 2 which is half of the rows ...... but the shawl is growing .......so I'm about a third finished with it. I've found the written directions easier to follow than the charts, so have been using those. I knitting with BMFA STR lightweight in the Typhoon Tina colorway on #5 KP Options .... I just exchanged the 40" cable for the 60". I have about 1/3 of the first ball of yarn knitted, so will probably use two, possibly just a little of the third. I'm really enjoying knitting and my dh has actually complimented me on my knitting for once .... wow, that's a first (I think) in the 36 years we've been married. Here's pics of the shawl through the 7th repeat and also a closeup of the sts.

Time to get some sleep .....happy knitting ...... TLGB!

July 20, 2008

RSE Completed!

The scarf for RSC is finished and almost dry from blocking. The other goodies are waiting to be sent to annadownya on Ravelry. Sorry, no hint as to what is coming. This exchange we were to make ourselves known to our downstream.......only the scarf details were to be kept secret. I found the perfect yarn in May, but not the right pattern for the yarn until almost the end of June. I did start four other scarf patterns, but none did the yarn justice. Hopefully, it will please annadownya.

The Spring Ahead socks for the STR June KAL are an easy knit. Even though the pattern calls for lightweight STR, I am using mediumweight STR so that helps. I'm doing both socks on ml and have the gussets about halfway knitted now. I hope to have the gussets finished before hitting the pillow tonight.

I signed up for the Adamas shawl KAL on Ravelry. I'm planning to using lightweight STR in Typhoon Tina colorway. I tried it on #7 and didn't care for the fabric, so I'm starting out on #5 the next time ....perhaps tomorrow.

Here is northern Iowa, it is really humid with temps in the low 90's, so really don't feel like going outside to do anything. DH is doing his usual Sunday afternoon activity ..... napping on the sofa! I'd like to go to the movie Mama Mia this afternoon, so that may delay more knitting a bit.

Back to knitting! TLGB!

July 13, 2008

Socks That Rawk KAL

I realized last week that I didn't have any socks on the needles after I finished two pairs that were WIPs. Decided that I'd do the Spring Ahead Socks KAL that the Socks That Rawk group is doing this month. I chose lemongrass for the colorway, but it is mediumweight. I do knit quite tightly, so I'm using Addi 1.5 ml. I've only knitted about three hours total, but have already completed 1.5 pattern repeats (24 total rows per repeat) on both socks .... that leaves just 24 more rows until I'm at the heels. The repeat is an easy one to memorize, so don't have to refer to the pattern/chart.

I'm also working on the scarf for annadownya for the Ravelry Scarf Exchange. I've never done two halves and then a 3-needles bindoff, so that something new for this old knitter. The pattern and yarn is secret until it is received by the downstream pal, so a pic should be posted before the end of the month .... Aug. 1 is the date the exchange ends. I have all the goodies for the box, just need to finish the scarf ..... I'm about 1/4 done with the second half. I love this pattern with the yarn .... it's only the fifth one that I tried. TLGB

July 10, 2008

Latest Knitting

I've been working on the Ravelry Scarf Exchange for annadownya from Florida. I have finished half of the scarf. It's secret, so can't give the yarn or pattern. It needs to be finished this month and sent. This is the 5th pattern I tried, but it is the one for the chosen yarn.

Finished the River Rapids socks from Sock Bug. These were started for a gift for one of the organizers of the DSM Metro Knitters retreat in Feb. Now, they are finally finished.

Last night was a first ..... no socks on the needles. This morning, I cast on the Spring Forward socks from Knitty in STR lemongrass colorway. The yarn is medium weight instead of lightweight, but I usually co 72 sts for my high instep, so figure the 66 sts will be enough. I'll be using these socks for the SAM6 KAL. TLGB

July 3, 2008

Back from Colorado, again!

We are back from our nephew's wedding in Loveland....it was at the McC Ranch northwest of Loveland ..... absolutely breath-taking view of the mountains. And .....they loved the afghan that I've been working on for the past three months!

Also during the road trip, I worked on the River Rapids socks that has been "snoozing" for quite some time. I just have to kitchener the toes and they will be completed for the 6-Sock KAL.

Now, I'm working on the scarf for the Ravelry Scarf Exchange. I decided on the yarn early in May, but only recently decided on the pattern. Both are secret, so won't be posting until it is sent and received. TLGB