November 13, 2006

Twin Cities Road Trip

My daughter and I have just returned from a week-end "road trip." Wanting to attend the wedding of a college friend, my daughter decided to get Mom to come along to scout out some yarn shops. My daughter will probably comment about the shops in one of Lime and Violet's podcasts, so I won't comment much now. Of the four shops that we visited, two we will definitely return to, a third is a maybe, and the fourth (the one I expected to be GREAT!), probably not. Let's just say that the stash was enhanced especially in the sock yarn category (that really didn't need any additions) and I was also able to get some yarn for a dog sweater, a shawl, some fingerless gloves, and some needles that my husbands hunting dog destroyed.....only the button top on one was left to identify that the two bamboo "sticks" were ever needles. That's okay, because I got some rosewood to replace them and found some Chinese double points that are sharp and a 6-inch length. I'm anxious to try them out.