October 24, 2006

Almost Completed Things!
I'd better get busy and do my felting soon .......a purse,a hat, and a briefcase (knitted last summer). I've also been doing "senseless" knitting of dishcloths...some from patterns and some just using about 40 sts and knitting some pattern. I have a pair of alpaca socks for my husband about half done.....almost wish he were a pygmy with small feet......they really are a delight to knit and he'd better wear them....$37 worth of yarn purchased on vacation last summer. I have a surprise gift for my daughter to complete also. I wonder if we'll have a "snow day" from school before Christmas....maybe a couple would help. I usually devote the entire day to knitting...what a joy for this old knitter! Better get ready for school. TLGB!