May 30, 2008

Now I Have Some Time!

I've been working on various projects, but have been busier finishing up the year at school and then I took on the added responsibility of being registrar for the church women's convention for the western half of the state. That has been a half-time job after getting home from my full-time teaching job the past couple of weeks. I've received 330+ registrations so far and usually they have 400 at church camp for the event. This year it will take place June 19-21....that's only 3 weeks away!

The Jacobean socks will be finished for the SAM5 KAL for my May socks. I have the last pattern repeat to do and then the ribbing. I have until tomorrow at midnight, so I should make it.

I'm also well over halfway finished with the afghan for our nephew's wedding the end of June. I am just starting the 8th of eleven stripes. I can do a stripe in three evenings if I'm not interrupted. I hope to have it finished by the 15th so I can get it blocked before the convention.

That's about all that's happened in the knitting area ..... now I'm out to mow the lawn. TLGB

May 6, 2008

Progress on Jacobeans!

Wow! It's been a long time since I started the Jacobean socks for the SK Pentathlon on March 26 .... usually I have them finished within three weeks. I didn't make the deadline, May 1, but they are the next socks to be completed. I have about an inch left before I start the heel. Since I've been eliminated from the competition, the pressure is off and they will be completed this month for the SAM5 KAL. I haven't decided if I will do the short row heel on the pattern or do my usual heel flap.

The past week I have been knitting on them, the afghan for my nephew's wedding the end of June, and the Ravelry Scarf Exchange. The afghan is almost halfway finished, so I'm at least on schedule with that .... besides, it will get warmer one of these days and I won't want a heavy, wool afghan resting on my lap. Happy knitting and TLGB!