January 30, 2007

Almost done!
The second Monkey sock will be completed tonight.....just have the last repeat and toe left. Yea! Still haven't selected the UFO.....it will have to be something to felt for sure.
I've switched to the new blogger....it appears to be a little easier to log on .
Think that I'll probably start the Cable Net Socks from Knitty for February.
I currently in a "conflict resolution" with Joslyn Fiber Farm sock club........entered the 2007 club but received the Dec. 2006 sock which doesn't appeal to me.....and two charges to my credit card..........no answer on either phone number supplied and no answers to about three emails......I sent a registered letter with return receipt yesterday, so hope to hear something ......SOON! No, I won't be recommending that sock club even though it appears to have been in existence for 4+ years.

January 29, 2007

Intention may be completed!
The second Monkey sock is well on the way to completion in January ( even though it was started until the 8th)....this week-end I was able to complete the heel and gusset......even though some canine rascal (two live in our house) managed to pull two double points out through the sides of a knitted bag and completely consume them. They were divine ChaioGoo #2 with nice sharp points that can really pick up twisted stitches. Well......add a couple of Clover dps and I should finish by Tuesday, I hope. That will leave me one day to select the UFO to be finished and then to finish it! Wish me luck.

January 23, 2007

Area yarn shop.......yea!
Fort Dodge once again has a yarn shop........yea! It is in the same place as Wild Abandonment was but is named The Yarn Basket (that's the name I had for my in-home shop back in the 80's). The lady that owns the shop also owns one in Carroll, about 55 miles southwest of Fort Dodge. Her sister-in-law had the previous shop, but relocated to Colorado. I plan a visit in the near future, so will have more on what is available.
Knitting is coming along.....I should be able to start the heel on my second Monkey sock tonight....want to finish it by month's end. Then I'll have to decide on which UFO I'll complete....probably just the purse that I need to kitchener stitch the i-cord handle and then felt it.....that won't take too long.

January 18, 2007

One sock done.........beautiful fiber!

I've half an "intention" for the month completed. One Monkey sock
is finished from Cherry Tree Hill merino in the Gypsy Rose colorway. I still have to decide which UFO will be done.....but there's still 12 days left in the month. Since I have a high instep, I did increase the pickup loops on the heel flap by six......worked well. I have the second sock started with the top ribbing completed and about half of the first eleven-row pattern repeat. I completed the first sock in about 10 days, so shouldn't have any problem with this one other than just sticking to the job until it's completed.

The fiber story........a friend who happens to raise llamas, as well as many other types of animals over the years, is also selling the fiber. She asked if I would knit her a felted, pleated bag from Two Old Bags with some of the yarn she has spun from her fiber. Decided that when she asked what I would charge that it seemed good to trade.... barter..... whatever you want to call it! Since my daughter, Alcariel, is spinning now in addition to knitting....hmmmmm......she just might like some of the fiber.....she chose the rust-colored in the upper right and the dark grey in the lower left corner. If anyone is interested in the fiber, make a comment with your email and I'll send her email. It is clean, soft, beautiful......
Better get back to the sock.......TLGB!

January 7, 2007

One project done!
I've made some "intentions" instead of "resolutions." My one intention is to complete at least two things each month......one may be a UFO that's been lying around. Well......I knitted a dog sweater for my daughter's dog from Mountain Colors Twizzle for Christmas...... was I crazy or what.......it was, however, the perfect color .......Bitterroot rainbow. The dog sweater was suppose to take the majority of two hanks at $23 per....well, I just barely started using the second hank. So......I've made Alcariel some fingerless mittens for dogwalking or whatever ....she didn't want "whole" mittens. One of my coffee friends acted at model on Saturday......with my nutshell latte. YUM! After working with this lucious yarn........wool/silk....I think I may splurge next summer and buy enough yarn for a sweater for me from the same colorway.......it will work well for school. Oops....adding to the stash,....huh?
Another intention is to knit socks for my coffee friends.....nine ladies! That should deplete the sock yarn stash some....I've at least asked for the shoe sizes for over half of the ladies....now just to get started. First, however, is to finish the Inca alpaca (from Peru) socks I'm knitting my husband....am almost finished with the gusset (only 5 more decrease rows) on the second sock....then I'll be on the home stretch.
Tried to pay for STR club today.....Blue Moon is experiencing website difficulties, so will have to try later. Even though Alcariel and I can't have a mom/daughter knit night, we are participating in the club so we will be doing something together.....although apart. That's all for now.