July 22, 2009

Magic Shawl Completed!

The shawl is done...... ready to wear in Portland for the Sock Summit. The thing grew and grew as I was blocking it. The wingspan was 92 inches and the center back length was 36 inches. I ended up stopping on row 142 in the large size before starting the border. I had 66 gr left in the yarn cake but since the last row took a full 5 gr, didn't have enough to complete the six row repeat plus the border. The blocking wires worked well .......placed them around the outside edge of the shawl but also up the center back to add some stabilization as I was blocking it. Here's the pics of blocking and the finished shawl.Also have to complete "homework" for the SS09 ..... need to do about six more rows on my toe-up socks. I've always had a problem with my high instep when buying shoes, but now I also have the problem with knitted socks ..... which I absolutely love to wear! I chose the Absinthe pattern from the current Knitty. Was able to get the toes looking okay ..... just have to be halfway up the foot. Here's a current pic. Just in case the socks don't fit, I decided to choose a colorway I didn't care for too much ..... Lucky was the choice. I can always wear them at Christmas and for St. Patrick's Day ..... if they fit.

I've started the Cable and Garter cardigan from Frog Tree. I'm just starting the cables on the back. That's all for now. Happy knitting, everyone!


July 1, 2009

Hi, I'm Here!

I have been negligent lately in blogging. DD and I have been to the Estes Wool Market again. DD and I went out early to take a class on Thursday in ...... make a project basket that will fit behind the carseat. We both turned out pretty good baskets, but do have to "soak" the top rim to shape it for the car. This time we didn't do so much damage to the $$$. Did buy a spindle, some fiber to send to Hreow on Ravelry, yarn + pattern for a vest for school, and yarn + the pattern for Magic Shawl. Here's a pic of the shawl, so far.
Oh, my big purchase was from Conni Tögel prints - purchased three 5x7 as my "nativity scene" purchase for 2009 ... "Welcoming the Real King", "The Road to Baathlehem" and "Do You See What I See?". Pictures for the stash room will include "Hanging By A Thread", "Leap of Faith", and "Occupational Therapy". You might check out the artist here.

Finished a total of seven gators for the Operation Knitted Gators on Ravelry. The first one was given to the SIL of a coffee friend who's headed to Iraq (? due to latest developments in Iraq) and the other six plus four that DD knit were sent to Kerlina on Ravelry for her DH's soon-to-be-deployed unit that heading to Afghanistan. We have enough yarn left from one bag to finish 3-4 more, so will try to get those off yet this summer.

Just finished SAM June socks at 11:29 p.m. last night when the last toe was kitchenered. Waited until this morning to take pics with the tiger lilies out back. The details are "Sailor's Delight" from 2-at-a-time Socks, Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett Colorway 4251 (blue, green, gray, rose), ml on #1 Addi turbo, ladies size large. I like the spiraling stitches on the leg, but hope that it doesn't twist the instep. We'll see as I wear them this fall and winter.
Happy knitting for now. TLGB