March 6, 2009

RSE3 Ready to Ship

I was very excited when the matches came out for Ravelry Scarf Exchange 3. I had participated in exchanges 1 and 2 plus sent an "angel" scarf for someone whose upstream didn't come through. As I was filling out the questionairre, I secretly thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to receive Hreow?" Well, when the matches were sent out ......I GOT HREOW! She had knitted me a lovely scarf in the first swap and over the past year or so, we have kept in touch with each other ..... almost carrying on our own person swap a couple of times. (photo taken by Hreow on Ravelry)
I finished her scarf mid-February, but had just blocked it the last week-end in February. This week I was to finish a couple of little things so I could send the package on its way to Scotland today. Well, the package was taped shut but without the mailing label on it when I discovered the card that was to be in the box was still on the bed in our spare bedroom. I discarded that box and packed the contents a second time. Then ..... I remembered that I hadn't taken a pic of the completed scarf yet, so opened this box to do so. Well ..... I can't think of any reason now to open the box .... everything is finally in it and pics are in my camera. She has received the package and this is the picture that she took .... it shows off the cables a lot better than any of my photos. She really liked it!

Tomorrow morning (Saturday) I'll be starting the package on its way..... I can't wait until Hreow receives it.

Happy knitting! TLGB

March 3, 2009

Ravelry Scarf Exchange 3

Yesterday when I came home for lunch, a box from New Zealand had arrived from nzPixie on Ravelry. Inside was a great project bag and TWO cowls with matching fingerless mitts to match the one.
Here's a close-up that shows the pattern and lovely buttons .....this will be worn with a black dress. I can hardly wait! She dyed this yarn herself! That's something I have yet to try.
Then, nzPixie also sent a bright blue (my favorite color) cowl with matching fingerless mitts, which I promptly wore when I took a friend for her daily radiation treatment following breast cancer surgery. She really liked them, too! Just perfect for driving!
Then came all the "goodies" she had packed in the box - a hand-written card, a "Stunning New Zealand" calendar, postcards showing the beautiful scenery of NZ, a key lanyard, a magnetic notepad for the frig (already used it for grocery shopping yesterday), a set of stitch markers made form Paua shells and made my her "mum", necklace, keychain, and some chocolate goodies.
Thank you, Pixie!
Happy knitting! TLGB

March 1, 2009

Finishing Things!

This past week has been a time for "finishing". On Saturday, I soaked both the RSE 3 scarf for Hreow and the Mad Color Weave Socks for our associate pastor's wife. All they have to do is dry a little more. I've started pastor's socks, completed the 2x2 rib and am on the third pattern repeat.

Today, Sunday, is a sunny but cold and windy day. I've been trying to complete the Hemlock Ring Doily Blanket for the Yarn Basket KAL on Ravelry. I've completed the last pattern row, but need to knit four rounds on almost 600 sts before starting the edging.

Also, I felted a few "surprise" things in the wash this afternoon. When they are dry, then I can complete the items.

Happy knitting, everyone! TLGB