March 3, 2009

Ravelry Scarf Exchange 3

Yesterday when I came home for lunch, a box from New Zealand had arrived from nzPixie on Ravelry. Inside was a great project bag and TWO cowls with matching fingerless mitts to match the one.
Here's a close-up that shows the pattern and lovely buttons .....this will be worn with a black dress. I can hardly wait! She dyed this yarn herself! That's something I have yet to try.
Then, nzPixie also sent a bright blue (my favorite color) cowl with matching fingerless mitts, which I promptly wore when I took a friend for her daily radiation treatment following breast cancer surgery. She really liked them, too! Just perfect for driving!
Then came all the "goodies" she had packed in the box - a hand-written card, a "Stunning New Zealand" calendar, postcards showing the beautiful scenery of NZ, a key lanyard, a magnetic notepad for the frig (already used it for grocery shopping yesterday), a set of stitch markers made form Paua shells and made my her "mum", necklace, keychain, and some chocolate goodies.
Thank you, Pixie!
Happy knitting! TLGB

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