November 28, 2007

Uptown - Almost There!

The Uptown Boot Socks from Favorite Socks have really been an easy knit for me. I just haven't had as much time as I would have liked to knit the past couple of days. These are to be my November socks for the SAM KAL. The yarn is Araucania that I received from my SP11 .... in fact, here's the debut of the wooden sock blockers that SP11 sent me. They're patterned after some antique sock blockers. Here's my progress so far ....

Early Thursday morning, 5:00 to be exact, we board a bus to head to Christmas in Branson, Missouri. We will return late Sunday evening ... that's Dec. 2. I'm going to take a pic of the finished socks with the date, so hopefully they will qualify for Nov. These will be finished on the way down since dh has said that he's going to be sleeping .... don't think that will last the 12 hour trip, though. I haven't decided which other WIP I will take .... probably the River Rapids socks that are about 1/3 complete and Pam's chevron scarf. Then again, maybe the entrelac purse that I've just started ... only have the foundation triangles done. TLGB

November 26, 2007

Knitting News

Our dd came home for Thanksgiving and some fun knitting times. Since both sets of our parents are celebrating in heaven, our celebration is just for the three of us (plus our 3 dogs). The usual turkey, dressing, potatoes, yams, cranberry jello, and pumpkin pie was delicious .... even the leftovers eaten Sunday noon!

Saturday morning when dh went pheasant hunting, the dd and I headed to a small town about 40 miles away after busymomof2 on Ravelry alerted us to the existence of a yarn shop ..... I have to drive 75+ miles to get to the nearest shop ..... except all the on-line yarn goodness. The shop, Ewe-Phoria Yarns, carries a variety of yarns. The owner formerly had an on-line shop when her family lived in Denver. Now, she has come to northern Iowa, opened a shop, still maintains her online business in the backroom of the store, and dyes yarn, too! It was a very delightful experience for both of us. Across the street was a gorgeous quilt shop .... there was an overwhelming display of flannel .... didn't know they made that much flannel. Anyway, the flannel pjs (three sets) that I made dd while she was in college are losing their softness. I have two lengths of pj flannel to sew .... now I have three! The newly acquired 5-yards is in the washer, soon to go in the dryer.

Oh, the uptown boot socks that I'm knitting from yarn sent by my SP11, are progressing well. With two days free from teaching school, I was able to "power-knit." I knit both socks on magic loop, so I'm about halfway finished with the gussets .... once those are done, the rest is easy.

While dd was home, I was able to photograph the Norwegian mittens (my first pair ever made) and scarf, just used the snowflake pattern from the mitts on it. The scarf was knitted on a 16-in circ #3 and took 5 balls of Norwegian yarn (it is probably about six feet long). The set matches the colors (a dark plum and heather grey) of a Columbia cold weather jacket we bought for her when she was in college.

DH and I are looking forward to a 4-day bus trip to Branson, Missouri, to go to seven shows and enjoy the Christmas "glitter." It will be another short week at school.


November 23, 2007

SP 11 Rocks!

Today when dd and I returned from lunch at a local coffee shop, there were two boxes waiting for me from my SP 11, Cathy, also "tryintaknit" on Ravelry. In an earlier box, she had sent me some gorgeous Araucania yarn ...... she kept asking me about what pattern I was going to use, so she sent me an original (I think) pattern, Lacy Rib ..... I had already started to use the yarn for some Uptown Boot Socks that are about finished. I will use her pattern in the very near future. Also included in the box were wooden sockblockers, Crazy Aunt Purl's Drunk, Divorced & Cover in Cat Hair with a silver bookmark, a lot of stitch markers in a small tin, a small covered basket, tea (green and Earl Grey's Winter White), bath confetti, gingerbread man playing cards, a calendar, a Fall Foliage can in a tin, delicious orange/mango Ice Breakers called Sour Pumpkins, a pen, a post-it highlighter (I love these since you can highlight pattern sizes and use the post-it to mark the page), and a pink journal. Thank you, Cathy, for everything that made my first SP exchange so delightful. Sorry about the picture ..... it's a cold, not too sunny day here in Iowa. TLGB

November 20, 2007

Something to Satisfy Cravings!

Today when I came home from school, my dh was cleaning a pheasant in the garage .... he motioned over to the back step today and said, "You've got another package!" My upstream from the Ravelry Caffeine Addicts Exchange 2 gifted me with fabulous things.
When I saw the color of the yarns, I knew the perfect place to take the pic ... in front of some silk hydrangea flowers that my husband's Brittany hunting dog liked to eat last spring. We couldn't figure out the pieces of pink cloth that were appearing in the yard .... then I saw that Cozi had devoured one entire flower.
Included in the "haul" were two blends of coffee - Wishkah Blend and North River Blend - from the Coffee Bean CafĂ© and Popcorn Factory in Aberdeen, WA; a "to-go" appearing cup that was loaded with double chocolate espresso brownies mix (I'll make these this week-end when dd comes home for Thanksgiving); some Seattle Chocolates, actually truffles; a lovely cup with the saying "Nothing is Better than Friendship & Coffee; a tiny bamboo crochet hook that will be just perfect for picking up dropped sts on socks; Sugar 'n Cream Stripes yarn in "country stripes", actually greens and blues; some Crystal Palace cotton chenille for a face cloth; and Fly-Dyed Monarch yarn in a sport weight superwash in bright pinks. My pal, dblyouxwhyz on Ravelry, is great! ¡MuchĂ­simas gracias! I've just started a pair of socks with yarn from my SP11 pal, but these will be the next ones on the needles for me!

November 19, 2007

More Socks!

I finally decided the sock pattern I'm going to use for the Araucania sock yarn from my SP 11 ..... Uptown Boot Socks from Favorite Socks from Interweave. I didn't do the 2+ inches of ribbing, only 1 1/4" instead. The pattern isn't at all difficult ..... I just need to remember to always have a cable hook with me until I finish them. I've completed the first pattern of 8 rows and plan to try to do one pattern repeat each day. The colorway includes a medium denim blue along with pink/purple ... really like the way it is knitting up. Here's a pic so far.

I'm over halfway on the Chevron scarf that's a gift. I usually knit on it while I'm roaming the large study time that I supervise at school ..... last thing in the day. A few students are always checking my progress, so that keeps me going with it. I plan to start another Chevron after the holidays ... this one for me.

I can smell that's the coffee is finished .... time for my first cup of the day. TLGB

November 13, 2007

Ravelry Scarf Exchange Sent!

Last Saturday morning, dh and I carried four boxes into the local post office to mail. Included were my gifts for SP11, Caffeine Addict Swap 2, and Ravelry Scarf Exchange. My scarf was made for Pixie. I had a nice Ravelry message waiting for me when I came home from school this afternoon. What an uplift after riding herd on 115 teenagers! Here's the pics of the scarf .... they are really quite a bit darker than the scarf, I think.
Pattern: Faina's Scarf by Faina M. Letoutchaia
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden - colorway 47 six (?) balls
Size: 68" long
Needles: #8 KP Options circ
The pattern actually calls for a sock yarn, the other one I knit last year as a Christmas gift was with Koigu RPPPM in a dark rose/burgundy that almost appears black. My coffee friend who received it loves to wear it with her black leather coat.
Hope that my other downstream pals receive their boxes soon.

The fourth box was to my scarf exchange upstream pal. I found a little statue that I wanted to send her ..... it was going to cost $36.23 to just send it, so I got a flat rate box that I filled for $37 postage. Hope that Hreow on Ravelry enjoys the thank you gift.
Suppose I'd better get upstairs and get busy knitting. TLGB

November 5, 2007

Ravelry Scarf Exchange

Today when I made a quick stop at home after an appointment at the chiropractor, I spied three parcels from my Ravelry scarf exchange spoiler, Hreow on Ravelry. Here's the pic of the entire grouping. It was more than I ever expected.

Here are pics of the scarf .... the neck and then the ends detail. The yarn is a rose/purple/light pink colorway. It is beautiful and long .... the way I like scarves.

Next came three balls of a Shetland Ultra yarn in strawberry crush colorway and a pattern for a New Shell Scarf. I can't wait to knit with it .... may have to wait until Christmas gifts are finished. Also in the pic is the pewter brooch that she sent.

Also in the parcels were a 2008 calendar with recipes on each month. I'm anxious to try several of them. She also sent a Scots magazine that I'll enjoy reading.

Last, but not least, were all the goodies she sent. Enough to last me for a while unless I eat them all at once. Not a good idea since I'd probably be sick from too much sweetness.


November 4, 2007

KAL October Socks Done Late!

Started these socks early in October and had every intention of finishing them early. However, due to increased workload at school, didn't quite make it. I finished the last 5 rounds on the toes on Nov. 1 and then kitchener stitched the toes today.

Pattern: Bubble Wrap Socks from Sockbug
Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug
Purchased: Among the Pines, Baxter, MN
Colorway: Popsicle
Needle: 47" Addi Turbo #1 on magic loop