November 26, 2007

Knitting News

Our dd came home for Thanksgiving and some fun knitting times. Since both sets of our parents are celebrating in heaven, our celebration is just for the three of us (plus our 3 dogs). The usual turkey, dressing, potatoes, yams, cranberry jello, and pumpkin pie was delicious .... even the leftovers eaten Sunday noon!

Saturday morning when dh went pheasant hunting, the dd and I headed to a small town about 40 miles away after busymomof2 on Ravelry alerted us to the existence of a yarn shop ..... I have to drive 75+ miles to get to the nearest shop ..... except all the on-line yarn goodness. The shop, Ewe-Phoria Yarns, carries a variety of yarns. The owner formerly had an on-line shop when her family lived in Denver. Now, she has come to northern Iowa, opened a shop, still maintains her online business in the backroom of the store, and dyes yarn, too! It was a very delightful experience for both of us. Across the street was a gorgeous quilt shop .... there was an overwhelming display of flannel .... didn't know they made that much flannel. Anyway, the flannel pjs (three sets) that I made dd while she was in college are losing their softness. I have two lengths of pj flannel to sew .... now I have three! The newly acquired 5-yards is in the washer, soon to go in the dryer.

Oh, the uptown boot socks that I'm knitting from yarn sent by my SP11, are progressing well. With two days free from teaching school, I was able to "power-knit." I knit both socks on magic loop, so I'm about halfway finished with the gussets .... once those are done, the rest is easy.

While dd was home, I was able to photograph the Norwegian mittens (my first pair ever made) and scarf, just used the snowflake pattern from the mitts on it. The scarf was knitted on a 16-in circ #3 and took 5 balls of Norwegian yarn (it is probably about six feet long). The set matches the colors (a dark plum and heather grey) of a Columbia cold weather jacket we bought for her when she was in college.

DH and I are looking forward to a 4-day bus trip to Branson, Missouri, to go to seven shows and enjoy the Christmas "glitter." It will be another short week at school.



Else said...

Great work. I saw it was something familiar with that pattern. My mum has made tonz of them through the years. I`ve never made any myself but will start making them next year.

ellen said...

SOOOOO pretty!