November 23, 2007

SP 11 Rocks!

Today when dd and I returned from lunch at a local coffee shop, there were two boxes waiting for me from my SP 11, Cathy, also "tryintaknit" on Ravelry. In an earlier box, she had sent me some gorgeous Araucania yarn ...... she kept asking me about what pattern I was going to use, so she sent me an original (I think) pattern, Lacy Rib ..... I had already started to use the yarn for some Uptown Boot Socks that are about finished. I will use her pattern in the very near future. Also included in the box were wooden sockblockers, Crazy Aunt Purl's Drunk, Divorced & Cover in Cat Hair with a silver bookmark, a lot of stitch markers in a small tin, a small covered basket, tea (green and Earl Grey's Winter White), bath confetti, gingerbread man playing cards, a calendar, a Fall Foliage can in a tin, delicious orange/mango Ice Breakers called Sour Pumpkins, a pen, a post-it highlighter (I love these since you can highlight pattern sizes and use the post-it to mark the page), and a pink journal. Thank you, Cathy, for everything that made my first SP exchange so delightful. Sorry about the picture ..... it's a cold, not too sunny day here in Iowa. TLGB

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Pixie said...

So cool! I sent sock blockers to my SP, too. And I have that book (read it in about a day, she's so funny!).
I'm glad you had a good experience -- I've heard mixed things about this round of SP.