November 20, 2007

Something to Satisfy Cravings!

Today when I came home from school, my dh was cleaning a pheasant in the garage .... he motioned over to the back step today and said, "You've got another package!" My upstream from the Ravelry Caffeine Addicts Exchange 2 gifted me with fabulous things.
When I saw the color of the yarns, I knew the perfect place to take the pic ... in front of some silk hydrangea flowers that my husband's Brittany hunting dog liked to eat last spring. We couldn't figure out the pieces of pink cloth that were appearing in the yard .... then I saw that Cozi had devoured one entire flower.
Included in the "haul" were two blends of coffee - Wishkah Blend and North River Blend - from the Coffee Bean CafĂ© and Popcorn Factory in Aberdeen, WA; a "to-go" appearing cup that was loaded with double chocolate espresso brownies mix (I'll make these this week-end when dd comes home for Thanksgiving); some Seattle Chocolates, actually truffles; a lovely cup with the saying "Nothing is Better than Friendship & Coffee; a tiny bamboo crochet hook that will be just perfect for picking up dropped sts on socks; Sugar 'n Cream Stripes yarn in "country stripes", actually greens and blues; some Crystal Palace cotton chenille for a face cloth; and Fly-Dyed Monarch yarn in a sport weight superwash in bright pinks. My pal, dblyouxwhyz on Ravelry, is great! ¡MuchĂ­simas gracias! I've just started a pair of socks with yarn from my SP11 pal, but these will be the next ones on the needles for me!

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sherriknits said...

I know her in person and she's just as great as her gift was! :)