April 29, 2007

It's Working at Last!

I must be related to the frog prince because I have been doing a lot of "frogging" on my RSC socks ... this time a lacy one named "Grasshopper." After taking advice from Mariana on the sock club blog, I changed to KP dps #1 (actually #1.5) and haven't been having too much trouble picking the p2tog st on the second repeat row. I'm a little more than halfway out on the foot and the fit seems to be just right. Of course, my high instep is what gave me trouble on the last socks, but with the gusset in this pattern, hopefully it will work. Must get back to the needles. TLGB

April 28, 2007

Grasshopper ? Socks

When my sock club package arrived earlier this week,
I couldn't wait to start! I decided to try the two circs
socks, but after the second row went to dps. The toe went well, but the lacy pattern just didn't "trip my trigger." I found the second row of the pattern extremely difficult to knit ... the needle would pick the yo st fine, but balked at the p2tog st from the previous row. Finally this morning after frogging the first 6-10 rows more than once, I decided to change to a p2, k3 beaded rib for the pattern st. Hopefully this will give enough elasticity that the foot won't be soooo loose. I will probably just continue above the ankle without the increases and seam st. I'll see when I get there .. hopefully this week-end. TLGB

April 26, 2007

It's has arrived!!!!

This noon as I was rounding the last corner before home, my eyes glimpsed a red/white/blue STR envelope sticking out the top of the mailbox. Underneath was a box from Paradise Fibers with LM dps Sock Stix sizes 1-3, 47" Addi circ #1 (for magic loop try later one), and sock blockers. What could be better than two packages? .......the fantastic, scrumptious, delightful yarn sent by the ladies at BMFA.
I celebrated after my last class at school with a nutshell (almond, white chocolate) latte and a slice of strawberry delight cheesecake at one of the local coffee shops .... and read the dyer's notes and footnotes.
After supper, I just had to get started. I have almost always knit to gauge, but I did do a gauge swatch .... right one! Tried the two circs, but didn't like them .... so took out the ebony LM 2's I had just received and slipped the sts ... those I LOVE! Already have the first toe completed ... ready to get going on the foot. The pattern doesn't appear too difficult. Happy knitting is in the immediate future for me!

I'm Waiting!!???

STR has arrived in Iowa .... just not northern Iowa. I've been patiently waiting ... haven't even seen one glimpse of the yarn ... just a few comments about it being lucious.
One of the Broadripple Socks from Knitty is knitted but the toe isn't closed yet. The STR Air-Conditioned socks is slow going ... the Trekking colorway 100 is turning out great, but it is so fine of a yarn! These are definitely going to warm my feet! The pattern isn't difficult to remember at all, so may even use this to knit in the car ... just not when it's dark since I can't "feel" the sts so well ... and my DH doesn't appreciate the map light on all the time.

April 20, 2007

Completed Socks!

The socks that Alcariel named Raspberry Latte are finished as well as the Dublin Bay socks from the LS Gendarme colorway that she gifted me with at Christmas. Wow! ... two pairs of socks completed this month ... one a UFO and the other started and finished!

Decided to get a couple more pairs of socks on the needles before STR box comes next week .... the "easy" sock is the Broadripple pattern from Knitty in KP Sock Garden - Hydrangea colorway - on BR 3's ... probably for a coffee buddy that is purple/pink crazy. I'm about halfway finished with the heel flap on the first sock. The other is STR 2006 Air Conditioned in Trekking colorway 100 (golds, green, blues, red) on KP 1's. I'm about ..... one inch ... into the first sock .... with such fine yarn on size 1's it will be a long time before they are finished .... definitely not one that I will take along on a car ride.

Didn't want to be without the correct needles when STR comes, so ordered some LM 1's in rosewood, 2's in ebony, and 3's in blonde as well as Addi size 2 circ 47" for a magic loop attempt. Decided to finally get the Fiber Trend blue sock blockers ...... all from Paradise Fibers out of Spokane ... I ordered about 1:15 this afternoon and the items were shipped today .... even had a couple phone calls since the rosewood wasn't available in all the sizes I wanted. Haven't ever ordered from them before, but am impressed so far.

April 17, 2007

Two lattes!

There are now two raspberry lattes (the name Alcariel, my daughter gave the socks I'm knitting her) in the house ... just need to kitchener the toes ... I don't mind that at all ... just didn't have the needle close last night when the second sock was finished. So that's the second pair of socks completed in the last month. If I work hard tonight, I should be able to finish the Dublin Bay socks that have been UFO since early March when the STR box came. Now with another coming soon, I'd better get to "speed-knitting" so that they are done. Can't wait for the new installment ... have resisted and not checked out the new color ... will wait 'til later since I do have a stash for more than 40+ pairs ... I asked Alcariel to bring me more, too, since she is in Virginia visiting a friend ... what am I thinking! Will post pics after I finished the toes. TLGB

April 11, 2007

One Raspberry Latte!

With crazy weather here in northern Iowa, school was cancelled ... being a teacher, I have promised myself that "snow days" will be knitting days. I was able to finish the first sock in KP self-patterning plum colorway that my daughter has already named raspberry latte ... the socks are for her. When I began the second sock, however, the ball was wrapped the opposite of the first so I frogged the ribbing I had almost completed and rewound the ball correctly since I want to make the socks match as closely as possible.
Since I'm still recovering from the "bug" making the rounds at school, I decided a nap would be nice ... well the two dogs (a Brittany spaniel and a miniature poodle) as always jumped up to cuddle. Much to my amazement, when I awakened 90 minutes later, they were still cuddled in tight ... must have something to do with the cold weather in April.
Alcariel, our daughter, is out in Virginia visiting a college roommate ... she plans to do some yarn shopping out there .... she did bring me some delightful handpainted yarn from Boston where she was at a medical conference last week ... it will probably become a hat and some mittens or a very long scarf. Maybe she can find some sock yarn to bring back to Mom ... after all, I have completed a couple pairs of socks lately.
Must get upstairs to set the needles in motion again.

April 9, 2007

Mom-Daughter Socks

I suffered with the current bug being passed around the high school for most of the week. Thursday evening after attending church, we drove 200+ miles to our daughter's home. I spent most of Friday sleeping to recover from the sinus congestion, almost laryngitis, and tiredness. Really began feeling better Saturday evening.
Even though 200+ miles separate us, we decided to join STR from BMFA to "knit" together. Her sock box was one of the last ones received, so I had already just about finished the first sock only to discover that it didn't fit over my high instep...so frogging came about. With some modifications ... added a gusset plus heel flap, I thought they would fit .. no way! They did fit my daughter, so this week-end, we "exchanged" socks. With the comments from fellow knitters, she decided to knit her Monsoon in the RPM socks from Knitty. Here they are with the RPM on the left and Inside Out on the right.

While there I worked on some stockinette socks in KP self-patterning plum/tan/white colorway for Alcariel ... she going to call them her raspberry latte socks. Yes, she has a name for each of the 15+ pairs she has knitted. I'm also working on the foot of my last Dublin Bay sock that took a backseat once the STR box came. I hope to complete both of these socks before the next STR installment arrives.

April 3, 2007

STR Inside Out Completed!
They're done ... just need to wash them and then take them to my daughter's this week-end when we go for Easter. I finished the second sock with just 6 inches of yarn left in that half of the yarn ... the other half has about a ping pong size ball left. I'm just glad that I did finish without having to frog back to tie in new yarn. I'm glad to be finished but am grateful to BMFA for the challenges they presented and also for my own accommodations for high insteps, even though they weren't fitting me ... my daughter will be delighted to get them. I had her pick out some yarn from my sock yarn stash (about 40+) for a pair of socks ... she picked out a self-patterning yarn. I am, however, going to complete the gusset, foot, and toe of my last Dublin Bay sock that was cast aside when the STR package came.