April 29, 2007

It's Working at Last!

I must be related to the frog prince because I have been doing a lot of "frogging" on my RSC socks ... this time a lacy one named "Grasshopper." After taking advice from Mariana on the sock club blog, I changed to KP dps #1 (actually #1.5) and haven't been having too much trouble picking the p2tog st on the second repeat row. I'm a little more than halfway out on the foot and the fit seems to be just right. Of course, my high instep is what gave me trouble on the last socks, but with the gusset in this pattern, hopefully it will work. Must get back to the needles. TLGB

1 comment:

Probably Jane said...

Thanks for the advice on the STR socks - I can tell you are a serious sock knitter - lovely work!