April 28, 2007

Grasshopper ? Socks

When my sock club package arrived earlier this week,
I couldn't wait to start! I decided to try the two circs
socks, but after the second row went to dps. The toe went well, but the lacy pattern just didn't "trip my trigger." I found the second row of the pattern extremely difficult to knit ... the needle would pick the yo st fine, but balked at the p2tog st from the previous row. Finally this morning after frogging the first 6-10 rows more than once, I decided to change to a p2, k3 beaded rib for the pattern st. Hopefully this will give enough elasticity that the foot won't be soooo loose. I will probably just continue above the ankle without the increases and seam st. I'll see when I get there .. hopefully this week-end. TLGB

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