April 17, 2007

Two lattes!

There are now two raspberry lattes (the name Alcariel, my daughter gave the socks I'm knitting her) in the house ... just need to kitchener the toes ... I don't mind that at all ... just didn't have the needle close last night when the second sock was finished. So that's the second pair of socks completed in the last month. If I work hard tonight, I should be able to finish the Dublin Bay socks that have been UFO since early March when the STR box came. Now with another coming soon, I'd better get to "speed-knitting" so that they are done. Can't wait for the new installment ... have resisted and not checked out the new color ... will wait 'til later since I do have a stash for more than 40+ pairs ... I asked Alcariel to bring me more, too, since she is in Virginia visiting a friend ... what am I thinking! Will post pics after I finished the toes. TLGB

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