April 11, 2007

One Raspberry Latte!

With crazy weather here in northern Iowa, school was cancelled ... being a teacher, I have promised myself that "snow days" will be knitting days. I was able to finish the first sock in KP self-patterning plum colorway that my daughter has already named raspberry latte ... the socks are for her. When I began the second sock, however, the ball was wrapped the opposite of the first so I frogged the ribbing I had almost completed and rewound the ball correctly since I want to make the socks match as closely as possible.
Since I'm still recovering from the "bug" making the rounds at school, I decided a nap would be nice ... well the two dogs (a Brittany spaniel and a miniature poodle) as always jumped up to cuddle. Much to my amazement, when I awakened 90 minutes later, they were still cuddled in tight ... must have something to do with the cold weather in April.
Alcariel, our daughter, is out in Virginia visiting a college roommate ... she plans to do some yarn shopping out there .... she did bring me some delightful handpainted yarn from Boston where she was at a medical conference last week ... it will probably become a hat and some mittens or a very long scarf. Maybe she can find some sock yarn to bring back to Mom ... after all, I have completed a couple pairs of socks lately.
Must get upstairs to set the needles in motion again.

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