April 3, 2007

STR Inside Out Completed!
They're done ... just need to wash them and then take them to my daughter's this week-end when we go for Easter. I finished the second sock with just 6 inches of yarn left in that half of the yarn ... the other half has about a ping pong size ball left. I'm just glad that I did finish without having to frog back to tie in new yarn. I'm glad to be finished but am grateful to BMFA for the challenges they presented and also for my own accommodations for high insteps, even though they weren't fitting me ... my daughter will be delighted to get them. I had her pick out some yarn from my sock yarn stash (about 40+) for a pair of socks ... she picked out a self-patterning yarn. I am, however, going to complete the gusset, foot, and toe of my last Dublin Bay sock that was cast aside when the STR package came.

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