April 26, 2007

It's has arrived!!!!

This noon as I was rounding the last corner before home, my eyes glimpsed a red/white/blue STR envelope sticking out the top of the mailbox. Underneath was a box from Paradise Fibers with LM dps Sock Stix sizes 1-3, 47" Addi circ #1 (for magic loop try later one), and sock blockers. What could be better than two packages? .......the fantastic, scrumptious, delightful yarn sent by the ladies at BMFA.
I celebrated after my last class at school with a nutshell (almond, white chocolate) latte and a slice of strawberry delight cheesecake at one of the local coffee shops .... and read the dyer's notes and footnotes.
After supper, I just had to get started. I have almost always knit to gauge, but I did do a gauge swatch .... right one! Tried the two circs, but didn't like them .... so took out the ebony LM 2's I had just received and slipped the sts ... those I LOVE! Already have the first toe completed ... ready to get going on the foot. The pattern doesn't appear too difficult. Happy knitting is in the immediate future for me!

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Alcariel said...

I started mine tonight, Mama! Not sure if I like the Silkie yet or not. The fact that it's not twisted as tight as normal STR is getting to me. And it seems to split a little easier too. But the further I go, the better it gets.