December 24, 2008

Shadow Rib Socks Done!

Just finished the woolen socks for dh and they are drying. Don't need to put them in his Christmas stocking until tomorrow evening since dd doesn't come home until tomorrow afternoon. I just had to take the pic out in the snow .... we have about 20 inches piled up and more on the way this week-end.

Wishes for a safe and blessed holiday for everyone! TLGB

December 21, 2008

Socks for DH Just About Finished!

The socks that I started in November for DH's Christmas stocking are going to be finished. I'm using Trekking XXL with the Shadow Rib Socks pattern from The Little Box of Socks by Schurch and Parrott. This are also my December socks for SAM 2008. I haven't missed a month this time. When we were at dd's home last week-end, I mentioned that I might have to make the toe a different color since I didn't think I'd have enough. Well...... dd checked her "destash" bag and came up with another skein. We had both purchased the same yarn in a wedding/yarn crawl in St. Paul / Minneapolis a couple of years ago. Sorry the picture isn't updated, but I'm within an inch of starting the toes (both on ml) and the first ball is about finished. Hopefully, I'll finish them before going to bed tomorrow night.

The weather in northern Iowa has been miserable the past three days ..... it all started with snow and wind Thursday evening into Friday. The last day of school before Christmas break was cancelled. We received about eight inches ...... then on late Friday started another snow ... this time about four more inches but with winds from 25 to 45 mph that caused no travel warnings since there was zero visibility sometimes. That still continues ..... temp this morning started at -12 below with windchill at -43 degrees! Most churches in town cancelled Saturday evening and early Sunday services. It was good to get out of the house for church. The wind is to continue throughout the night with below zero temps on Monday. Then a little warm-up that will bring a "little" snow on Tuesday. Wednesday through Friday right now are predicted to be snow-free..... I hope! At least now one here can complain that we don't have a white Christmas.

Blessings and safe travel to you and yours this holiday season. TLGB

December 11, 2008

Worldwide Christmas Stocking Swap

Wednesday when I came home at noon, there was a large box on the kitchen table that dh had brought in when he was home. Mamaphyknits on Ravelry had been my swap partner ..... we had both signed up late after the deadline, but agreed to our own deadline of Dec. 1. I opened it and was greeted by the above. Sprinkled throughout the box were pieces of candy ..... all chocolate, of course!

She knit me a gorgeous cable with bobbles (popcorn, they used to be called) stocking in Lamb's Pride Bulky, the Lipstick Red colorway. Included were three small stockings for the tree, a small snowman stocking (snowmen live in my dining room at Christmas), some kitchen towels, and a Christmas teddy bear tin that protected a small china-like chest for stitch markers.
More snow people came, too, in the form of earrings made by her dd from Swarovski crystal beads in their own jewelry bag and the delightful snowlady made from fiber with a felted scarf and hat, holding her latest WIP and with an "I Love Knitting" button on her hat. Adorable is all I can say about her! The the "yarnilicious" things were four different types of socks yarn .... all in great colorways, stitch markers that will work great for socks and lace knitting in a tiny china chest painted with roses, a copy of the British Simply Knit magazine accompanied by a calendar with twelve patterns for socks, slippers and booties. Once again, a big thanks to mamaphdknits!

Happy knitting! TLGB

December 6, 2008

Christmas Stocking Swap

This morning I packed the box to send to my swap partner on the Worldwide Christmas Stocking Swap on Ravelry. I always try to stuff the large priority mail flat rate box from USPS with yarn, a pattern, some goodies, some knitting "gadgets, and items of interest to the recipient. This time there were a couple of "empty" spaces that I filled with a wad of bubble. As I was returning home after sending it off to mamaphdknits on Ravelry, I had a "bright" moment and remembered what I forgot to send ..... the cat treats and the marker I'd completed before Thanksgiving. Well, I'll just have to send those closer to Christmas. After the package is received, I'll post the pic of the completed stocking. Package has been received, so here's the pic.
Pattern: John Stocking from Berroco (free pattern)
Yarn: Plymouth Galway worsted
Needle: KP Harmony #6 & #8 circ
Pattern modification: Only did 2 1/4" of ribbing instead of the 4 1/2 called for and made a 4 inch long 6 st I-cord for a holder (secured it at the bottom of ribbing on the inside and about 1" from the top of the outside.
This was a fun pattern to knit, but there were many ends to work in when I was finished .... some just could not be carried.
Need to get to knitting on dh socks that will be placed in his Christmas stocking this year. I've done that the past four years ..... the first year was khaki and green plain stockinette with Brown Sheep's Wildfoote, next came the 3-ply Bigfoot socks (k3,p1) in three natural brown shades Classic Elite Inca alpaca, and last year was with CTH superwash sock in java colorway (brown, tan, grey). This year is with Trekking XXXL in navy, grey, green, and burgundy .... just getting subtle striping. I'm doing them on ml with 1.5 Addis, so it's slow going..... both at the same time .... I'm almost down to the heels. I'm going to add reinforcement thread ... haven't ever before .... just had some to try.
That's all for now. Happy knitting! TLGB