December 11, 2008

Worldwide Christmas Stocking Swap

Wednesday when I came home at noon, there was a large box on the kitchen table that dh had brought in when he was home. Mamaphyknits on Ravelry had been my swap partner ..... we had both signed up late after the deadline, but agreed to our own deadline of Dec. 1. I opened it and was greeted by the above. Sprinkled throughout the box were pieces of candy ..... all chocolate, of course!

She knit me a gorgeous cable with bobbles (popcorn, they used to be called) stocking in Lamb's Pride Bulky, the Lipstick Red colorway. Included were three small stockings for the tree, a small snowman stocking (snowmen live in my dining room at Christmas), some kitchen towels, and a Christmas teddy bear tin that protected a small china-like chest for stitch markers.
More snow people came, too, in the form of earrings made by her dd from Swarovski crystal beads in their own jewelry bag and the delightful snowlady made from fiber with a felted scarf and hat, holding her latest WIP and with an "I Love Knitting" button on her hat. Adorable is all I can say about her! The the "yarnilicious" things were four different types of socks yarn .... all in great colorways, stitch markers that will work great for socks and lace knitting in a tiny china chest painted with roses, a copy of the British Simply Knit magazine accompanied by a calendar with twelve patterns for socks, slippers and booties. Once again, a big thanks to mamaphdknits!

Happy knitting! TLGB

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