December 21, 2008

Socks for DH Just About Finished!

The socks that I started in November for DH's Christmas stocking are going to be finished. I'm using Trekking XXL with the Shadow Rib Socks pattern from The Little Box of Socks by Schurch and Parrott. This are also my December socks for SAM 2008. I haven't missed a month this time. When we were at dd's home last week-end, I mentioned that I might have to make the toe a different color since I didn't think I'd have enough. Well...... dd checked her "destash" bag and came up with another skein. We had both purchased the same yarn in a wedding/yarn crawl in St. Paul / Minneapolis a couple of years ago. Sorry the picture isn't updated, but I'm within an inch of starting the toes (both on ml) and the first ball is about finished. Hopefully, I'll finish them before going to bed tomorrow night.

The weather in northern Iowa has been miserable the past three days ..... it all started with snow and wind Thursday evening into Friday. The last day of school before Christmas break was cancelled. We received about eight inches ...... then on late Friday started another snow ... this time about four more inches but with winds from 25 to 45 mph that caused no travel warnings since there was zero visibility sometimes. That still continues ..... temp this morning started at -12 below with windchill at -43 degrees! Most churches in town cancelled Saturday evening and early Sunday services. It was good to get out of the house for church. The wind is to continue throughout the night with below zero temps on Monday. Then a little warm-up that will bring a "little" snow on Tuesday. Wednesday through Friday right now are predicted to be snow-free..... I hope! At least now one here can complain that we don't have a white Christmas.

Blessings and safe travel to you and yours this holiday season. TLGB

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