April 9, 2007

Mom-Daughter Socks

I suffered with the current bug being passed around the high school for most of the week. Thursday evening after attending church, we drove 200+ miles to our daughter's home. I spent most of Friday sleeping to recover from the sinus congestion, almost laryngitis, and tiredness. Really began feeling better Saturday evening.
Even though 200+ miles separate us, we decided to join STR from BMFA to "knit" together. Her sock box was one of the last ones received, so I had already just about finished the first sock only to discover that it didn't fit over my high instep...so frogging came about. With some modifications ... added a gusset plus heel flap, I thought they would fit .. no way! They did fit my daughter, so this week-end, we "exchanged" socks. With the comments from fellow knitters, she decided to knit her Monsoon in the RPM socks from Knitty. Here they are with the RPM on the left and Inside Out on the right.

While there I worked on some stockinette socks in KP self-patterning plum/tan/white colorway for Alcariel ... she going to call them her raspberry latte socks. Yes, she has a name for each of the 15+ pairs she has knitted. I'm also working on the foot of my last Dublin Bay sock that took a backseat once the STR box came. I hope to complete both of these socks before the next STR installment arrives.


Trish said...

Those look great. I love the RPM idea!! Can't wait for the next box to arrive. It looks like it will have some spring colors in it :)

Kathleen said...

I have that icky poo thing over here in NJ. It started last Monday with an UGLY sore throat, progressed to a stuffy, runny nose with a fever. Slept most of Fri, Sat & Sunday, although I did try to watch all of the Shirley Temple movies on AMC. I am trying to finish my Monsoons but it was very difficult to do with the fever. Those stitches are so smal, it take forever when one is dropped to find it. Well you guys did a great job on your socks I love them

Holly said...

I love the RPM socks. They look great. I started (finally) the toe on my socks. It sounds like I'm lucky that my dog didn't do any more damage to my yarn :-).

I love the other socks you have completed this month too. You have been very busy!