May 1, 2007

Grasshopper Instep Fits!

Just finished the heel of the first grasshopper sock, as written,... it fits my high instep. Bravo! I started the toe on #2 LM ebony but changed to KP #1 (actually 1.5) for the foot. It fits my size 10, high instep and all. I plan on making the short socks, so should be finished in a couple of days with the first one ... just can't plan on any more "snow days" from teaching when all I do is knit.

The warmer weather, mid 70's today but lower 90's the past two days, has been nice. The perenniels are coming up as is the grass seed that we put on some bare spots in the yard. Even the warmer weather, however, never stops my knitting ... it must be in my blood. Better get back to the grasshopper. TLGB

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