May 13, 2007

Productive Week-end

Saturday was a good day for getting the garden planted, replacing a small shrub that was mostly "winter kill", and doing some household chores. Well,...... that left the evening for knitting ... or frogging ... for some reason, I've been leaving sts too close to the end of the KP dps and they slip off ... usually on the sole side and since I haven't been counting those sts each row, discover it about 12 or so rows above and the sts were just too tight when picked up. Then today, Sunday, I see a super-sized yo about eight rows down ... don't know why that happened. Well, I am about 6 rows from starting the gusset. With DH away at a 3-day class, I should get the sock done. Before he left, I told him that the sock would be done! Hopefully the frog prince will think this weather is too humid.

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