May 7, 2007

Grasshopper 1 Complete!

This afternoon my first STR KHTG sock was completed! I did leave a longer tail for the binding off and am glad ... left at least 24" and had only about 3" left. The sock fits well .... hope that the picture is clear. I just had to take the picture by one of the hostas ... they are really doing quite well here in northern Iowa.
Here's a bit of cuteness ... my DH took his hunting dog Cozi down to the family farm on Saturday. Both of our dogs tend to sleep during the day while we are at work. Well, no naps at the farm. Toffee was sleeping on Cozi's pillow when DH returned, so Cozi just cuddled in and they were both dozing.

Need to get that second KHTG started .... now that all the kinks are out of the pattern for me, it should go quicker.



Tanya said...

Very nice!! I am doing mine 2 at a time and am not even half way up the foot. Slow and steady (and distracted).

mamateja said...

I tried two circs once ... for about 4 rows ... probably didn't give it enough of a chance ... I'm so use to dps that I don't like to get out of that comfort zone. I have, however, purchased a long Addi #1 to use for magic loop sometime .... soon???