May 3, 2007

Lucy Bag - BIG!

The UFO that I planned for February is finally finished ... well, almost! I still have to felt it. I knit the Lucy Bag from Plymouth Outback Wool in a colorway of black, navy, rose, and aqua that I had purchased at a LYS about 40 miles away ... the closest here in northern Iowa. But ... received a card that it is closing ... actually the owner is moving stock back to her main store about 100 miles away, but on the way to our daughter's home.
Did some frogging to the STR sock ... was about 2 inches above the heel flap when the pattern wasn't coming out ... found out picking up the sts wasn't easy even for this knitter certified as in ARS (advanced rip st). This is a term of group of knitting friends from 20+ years ago. In fact, my daughter Alcariel was born on a knitting day ... we met every two weeks in our homes for about 10 years. When Alcariel was of preschool age, she would say that one day she wanted to knit, crochet, and do the rip stitch .... little did she know! Anyway, the sock is back to about 1 inch over the heel, so will probably finish it this week-end ... the end of the school year is entirely too busy to have marathon knitting sessions. TLGB

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