May 4, 2007

Lucy Bag Completed!

Couldn't go to bed last night until I had felted the Lucy Bag I had made. Here's the before picture that shows just how HUGE it was before felting. I had the DH take the pic and asked for him not to show my face ... really my hair was a mess! After about 18 minutes of hot washing, the bag was "blocked" with a Corelle breakfast plate in the bottom and every plastic grocery bag in the house stuffed inside. I had made the largest of the bags. This morning, this is what it looked like ... You can still see the zigzag design even when it was felted. The dye wasn't set too well on the yarn, Plymouth Outback Wool from Turkey, so came off on my hands as I was knitting, The color, however, isn't faded one bit.
Now I just have to get the cabled brief case sewn together and felted ... maybe even before school is over for the year (May 30 thanks to two early spring snowstorms!). I still have a couple of sweater projects .. both vests ... one for me and the other for DH.
Better get back to the STR ... am about 3" above the heel. It will be completed this week-end.

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