May 30, 2007

Greensburg - Here We Come!

The envelope is waiting on the kitchen table ... the first dozen squares knitted to help create afghans for the people of Greensburg who lost their homes to a tornado earlier this spring. The knitting has been an absolute joy! I planned to post a pic, but the image downloaded from the camera wouldn't open ... I've never had that happen before. Check the previous post for the pic of the first seven. Alcariel and I started knitting the squares last week-end ... she had finished two and I had three when we left Sunday afternoon to come home. My goal was to have a dozen by the week-end and .... I made it! As I knitted I also remembered the items I had knitted for family and friends .... felted slippers for Alcariel, Sophie bags for some of my coffee friend (Jodi, Susie, Deb and Jan) and the "mistake" yarn. When Alcariel and I visited Brown Sheep Yarn in western Nebraska two summers ago, I was looking at their hand-painted yarn that was displayed in a large, flat basket in their outlet shop attached to the mill. I purchased about $325 worth of yarn for $78. I took some from the top to look more closely at the colors underneath. Well .... when we got to the motel in the next town and were admiring our stash additions, I wondered where the yarn had come from ... the clerk thought I wanted it and so I ended up with about ten hanks of "Poppy Fields". I had put it in my felted slipper stash, but hadn't knitted it ... four squares were from that colorway.
After packing the squares, I settled down to knit some on the Fiber Trends Lacy Mobius I had started earlier. This is my second try .... I'm using KP #7 circ (from their needle set) and placed a marker every 30 sts (only 18 in the last repeat) and haven't had the trouble keeping track of where I am. The pattern is an 8 row repeat and I finished the first repeat last night. Previously I had tried it in a wool, mohair, rayon blend but this time I'm using some Koigu sock yarn (three skeins will be plenty). When I dropped a st, all I did was frog the 30 sts in the repeat not tinking the 378 sts per round to pick up the sts .... one I even frogged 4 rows and knitted them back. I really enjoying knitting it this time. Oh, when casting on the 378 sts (long-tail method was suggested) I only made it to 219 with the "long-enough" tail I started with ..... later I pulled off about 3 more yards and then just had about a foot left but at least it was enough.
Since school was finished last Wed. and I checked out on Thurs., I'm looking forward to knitting as well as some fix-up inside the house, mainly painting. TLGB

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