June 9, 2007

Knitting Update

It has been a while since a post ... I've been knitting, gardening, "coffeeing" with friends, general household chores, and mourning the loss of a dear friend, almost an "adopted" Dad for us since our parents are all with God in heaven. Toots was an almost 82 year old farm boy who still like to drive a tractor ... a Farmall M that he had entirely redone ... even painted and clear-coated ... did it ever shine in the Band Day parade last fall. He was diagnosed with lung cancer shortly before Christmas. He chose to forego any treatment since he was ready to be with his Lord. He stayed at home until his final week or so when he was placed in a care center for hospice care. He passed away on Tues. with his celebration of life (funeral) yesterday.
I'm still working on knitted squares for Rebuilding Greensburg Square by Square. It takes about two hours to knit a square. Alcariel (my daughter) and I have been knitting them since Memorial Day week-end. On Monday, I sent a dozen to the First Baptist Church in El Dorado, Kansas. Alcariel came this week-end, bringing 4+ squares with her. I'm just about finished with my 4th ... had a minor accident earlier. I decided to soak my feet just for relaxation and they were a bit dirty from gardening this morning ... well, I knitted while the feet soaked ... got up to take the tub of water back to the bathroom ... only I pulled my 2/3 completed square off the loveseat into the footsoak tub. UGH! I pulled it off the bamboo needles and gently rinsed the dirty footsoak water out of it. It is in a "bunch" on the edge of the tub drying. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish it tomorrow afternoon.
Alcariel and I bought the DH an early Fathers' Day present ... a purple clematis similar to the one that his parents had growing up a small decorative windmill at the farm. We also purchased a trellis for it to climb. That was planted this morning. Didn't have the camera outside, so haven't taken pics yet.
Later after the squares are finished, I'll post pics. TLGB

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