June 28, 2007

A Dumpster Full!

How much junk, memories, worn-out things, etc. does a 4 cubic yard dumpster hold? A lot!!!!
After living in this house for the past 30+ years, I decided that one summer chore would be to get rid of "stuff" in the basement that we haven't looked at in years, old clothes that might fit some day, and some things brought home by Alcariel, our daughter, from college. Well, we had the dumpster for two days and it was finally filled yesterday morning. After the company had picked it up, I went down in the basement and thought that maybe we could have filled it again. That may be for later this summer or weekly by placing an extra "bag" out with the garbage.

Due to this basement purging, I really haven't worked on too much knitting ... I am almost ready to do the heels on the RSC June sock .... Summer Solstice. This is the second pair of socks I've started on a magic loop .... the other one I placed on dps so I would have the 47" #1 Addi free for the socks. As I said before, I did do 3x2 rib for the first 8 rows ... really like the way the top looks.

This week-end Alcariel and I are meeting in Des Moines for a sister-in-law's surprise 60th birthday .... but ..... Friday evening we will be at Border's in WDM for knitting with a Des Moines group. A short yarn crawl throughout the city on Saturday morning .... how much damage can we do in a short time? Then we meet at a shelter house in Pleasant Hills (east metro area) at 1:00 for a surprise picnic. Alcariel and I will then head to her place to do some belated spring cleaning ... carpet shampooing from my DH that doesn't believe in wiping his feet even when he was standing in mud in her backyard to stain her fence.

Have a dentist appt. .... lost a filling at coffee this morning. UGH!

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