June 19, 2007

What's knitting?

Just worked the ends in on twelve more squares for the Greensburg project that Alcariel and I have knitted the past week. So far, that's 36 squares! It is very "mindless" knitting, but very fulfilling in knowing that the afghans made will be warming residents who have lost so much in Greensburg.

Picked up the Cozy shawl I'd begun last week for a church friend who just lost her husband to cancer and discovered a dropped stitch. Well, it went to the frog pond and I've decided to do the Clapotis from Knitty instead since I don't need to follow the pattern so closely.

This past week-end the DH and I travelled to Alcariel's (our DD) to clean and stain her deck and fence. The DH had bought a paint sprayer, so once he succumbed to reading directions, the fence job went a lot faster. We couldn't find more cans of the waterproofer/stain that Alcariel had chosen. The fence is 90% done and the deck 0%, so guess we'll have to visit again to finish. I spent a lot of the time moving the hose/sprinkler in her backyard that had just been sodded on Thursday. The saleman said to keep the sod "squishy" for the first couple of weeks, so the water ran continuously most of the day.
Better get the envelope with the squares mailed. TLGB.

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Cheryl said...

36! You guys rock!