June 19, 2007

Blue Moon Fiber Gals Rock!

My STR package came yesterday ... I was going to wait to open it to see if my daughter, Alcariel, also had received hers, but ..... the will power just wasn't there. The colorway is gorgeous, the pattern awesome, and the little "surprise" great! I didn't cast on yet, but will probably do so today.

I've been knitting on the clapotis for a friend from church .... I do have to do more repeats since the yarn is finer that what's suggested, but it is turning out nice. Hopefully I'll be ready for the "straight" section in the middle of the shawl. TLGB

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Probably Jane said...

Oh my! I haven't started last month's RSC socks yet! Mind you, I'm in England so I imagine they will be a little while coming. Better cast on tonight...