June 28, 2007

Yarn Crawl

My DD, Alcariel, and I met in Des Moines (that's Iowa) on Friday afternoon. Friday evening we spent a great time at Borders in West Des Moines knitting with Cheryl and her knitting group. On Saturday morning, we met Cheryl at Knitting Together to start the crawl and went on to Purls the Yarn Studio and Creative Corner. Yes, I did break the yarn diet and Cheryl reminded me that I'd need to reset my counter.
My brother's family hosted a surprise 60th birthday picnic for my sister-in-law early in the afternoon. Since it was on the east side of the metro, we just made it after the crawl. About 3/4 of the way there, I remembered that the present was back in my car at the motel in West Des Moines. Thanks to the USPS in Omaha, the gift was sent on the way today. Her birthday is actually July 3, so maybe (???) it will make it.
Alcariel and I then went to Omaha for the rest of the week-end and so I could watch her co-ed church softball team win ... it's really a celebration when that happens. We celebrated at Cold Stone Creamery. After going home, Alcariel and I had a knitting session ... finished turning the heels on both of the STR socks on magic loop. Now just to finish the gussets. I fell asleep knitting on the Clapotis for a friend ... Alcariel continued knitting for most of the night.
On the way home to northern Iowa, I stopped at another shop in Carroll ... The Yarn Basket. It is fantastic .... has many Addi turbo circs ... had the one I needed! Also acquired something for Alcariel .... items for gifts don't count ..... right???
I got home to two very hyper dogs ... my mini poodle Toffee wouldn't stopped squealing .... yes, she is quite vocal. Cozi, on the other hand, just jumped up a couple of time. I'm glad to be home. TLGB

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