June 24, 2007

Spoiler - Sock Club

I love the June STR selection. I decided to try knitting both socks on magic loop ... I had only gotten about one inch into another sock when the kit came, so I pulled it off the needle. I'm using an Addi #1 (37 inch, I think). I did have problem when starting with the pattern as written, so I frogged and did 8 rows of 3x2 rib before starting the pattern. I am about halfway through on my second pattern repeat. It is working up well .... had small puddles in the ribbing, and those are beginning to appear in the pattern stitch, too. I plan to use the heel flap/gusset that works best for my high instep ... other than that, plan on following the pattern.

I bought a new digital camera last Friday ... our old HP digital is about six years old .... the big, bulky kind .... it still takes good pics. I bought another HP .... this time M627 Photosmart. These pics were taken with the new camera.

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