November 19, 2007

More Socks!

I finally decided the sock pattern I'm going to use for the Araucania sock yarn from my SP 11 ..... Uptown Boot Socks from Favorite Socks from Interweave. I didn't do the 2+ inches of ribbing, only 1 1/4" instead. The pattern isn't at all difficult ..... I just need to remember to always have a cable hook with me until I finish them. I've completed the first pattern of 8 rows and plan to try to do one pattern repeat each day. The colorway includes a medium denim blue along with pink/purple ... really like the way it is knitting up. Here's a pic so far.

I'm over halfway on the Chevron scarf that's a gift. I usually knit on it while I'm roaming the large study time that I supervise at school ..... last thing in the day. A few students are always checking my progress, so that keeps me going with it. I plan to start another Chevron after the holidays ... this one for me.

I can smell that's the coffee is finished .... time for my first cup of the day. TLGB

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