July 28, 2008

Ravelry Scarf Exchange

On Saturday when we went out in the garage to leave for two different social gatherings, I found two boxes that the USPS had left. One was from Hreow on Ravelry, my upstream from RSE 1. After learning that I had purchased a spinning wheel, she sent me a whole box (she called it a "wee parcel") full of fiber goodness. Included were shetland, camel, English, Bowmon Braf (blue yarn at top), Wensleydale, merino, Jacob's, Seaweed wool, BFL, Scottish llama, yak, alpaca, silk, and bamboo. Wow! Do I have a lot of work to do! Thanks, Hreow!

The other was from Knittog, my RSE 2 upstream.

Included was a lovely scarf in the perfect color of blue, some Noro Kureyon (will be used for a buttonhole neck scarf), a coffee cup sleeve, a Moonstruck chocolate bar, locking stitch markers, a coffeepot keychain, a small notepad that will go in my purse, and some salt water taffy. The chocolate bar and taffy were made in Oregon. Thanks, Knittog.

On the knitting front, I'm knitting on the Adamas Shawl. I've completed 9 of 14 repeats on chart 2..... however, the rows are getting longer ...... increasing from 7 sts to 240+ now! Hopefully, I'll have it completed before school starts. It has really been an enjoyable knit and a learning experience, too. I'm able to just rip down a few sts for 3-4 rows when I encounter a mistake and then work them back ...... only this time, hopefully correct.
The Spring Ahead socks are knitted about 4 inches out on the foot .... these are my "in the car" knitting, so not a lot of progress there lately.

Happy knitting. TLGB

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Hreow said...

That's going to be one grand Adamas! I think I must copycat you and start one, I've got just the yarn for it (found it while stash-dusting) as well.

How can you know what fiber you like spinning without a wee something to try? ^^