August 22, 2009

Knitting With Beads

I decided to pull out the Heart to Heart Scarf by Silvia Harding that was part of the Embrace the Lace Club from Woolgirl. When the package arrived in late May, I started with the gorgeous cashmere yarn right away. I was, however, always dropping a bead and searching for it. Well, I've come up with the following help that is really working for me. I'm using a half-size cake/cookie sheet with the rubber shelf liner in the bottom. I've been copying my stitch patterns on index cards that I cover with clear Contact paper for ease in taking with me and not destroying the pattern. I can load my crochet hook with beads and leave it on the matt ..... it doesn't move anywhere. With the tray on my lap, what beads may fall on the matt, stay there! I actually may enjoy beaded knitting now. Here's a couple pics.

I'll try to take a pic of the first repeats of the shawl this afternoon and post those, too.
Happy knitting! TLGB


Pandora's Box of FIber said...

That is absolutely genius, considering I just bought tons of beads to do the Aeolian Shawl (Knitty). I will have to use this trick!

Thanks for sharing!

LoriAngela said...

I've visited your site before but didn't know you were Carin's mom. I'm an RN too, a L&V listener and now following her on the videocast. Hope to go to Sock Summit next year.
Great blog.