September 4, 2009

Dear Helen's Socks

After dd and I returned from SS09, we had to have morning coffee at "The Grind". A retired 90 yo+ teacher and her dh always come in after 8:30 for their cups of coffee and a shared bagel/scone. DD, Alcariel on Rav, said,"Why don't we knit Helen and Art some socks?" We took quick glimpses of their feet and have just guessed at what sizes to make. She decided to make hers for Art out of some yarn she purchased at SS. She has already finished hers and I'm still working on mine for Helen. Check Art's socks out on her videocast. I'm about 1 inch past the gusset. Helen's feet appear to be about the same size as mine (10 ladies), so I have about 6.5 inches to go before starting the toes. With school starting, my knitting time has been shortened. With the extra day this week-end, maybe I'll get a lot done. It's a bright, sunny afternoon, so decided to take some pics. The small bits of teal/turquoise don't show well in the photos.

I've done all my prep work for teaching next week, so will have plenty of time to knit. Dh is on medic duty all week-end, so I may not see a lot of him.
Have a happy and safe Labor Day! Happy knitting! TLGB

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