August 19, 2009

Sock Summit Memoirs

Sock Summit is in the past, the memories made there will last forever. DD and I flew into Portland on Wed., Aug. 5. We encountered a fellow sock enthusiast while waiting in the Denver airport .... We were even staying at the same hotel, so stayed together on the train ride from the airport. We arrived later at night, so we just met up with fellow Ravelers in the lounge area and finally ate some food ..... we had just snacked since leaving on our flights mid-morning. The beds really felt good that night.

Our hotel was diagonally across the intersection from the Oregon Convention Center . We were up early to get registered. The above pic was taken from the hotel's parking area. Once we were across the busy streets, the SS banner greeted us.
We didn't have trouble finding the registration ..... just follow the sound of lively conversation.Then DD, and I simply had to unhook the rows of 5-6 chairs to form a knitting circle. The next day we were politely informed that the circle had to become an oval due to Fire Marshall's orders. It worked the same ..... make a circle or oval and the knitters will come and join. It was a joy to not have to explain to people what we were doing .....just tell what we were knitting. Even though we had volunteered to help where needed, there were a lot of us, so we didn't have to do anything but knit.
Friday we had our Toe-up for the Stubborn class with Deb Barnhill ..... excellent! DD and I will both definitely be trying Deb's method for toe-up ..... soon! Shortly after our class ended, we took part in the Guiness book record-breaking with over 900 knitters knitting on straight needles (2 only ...... four dpns are not 2). The fifteen minutes of simultaneous knitting without looking at directions went fast with the Yarn Harlot announcing, "Okay, you may stop now." A reply could be heard from the back of the hall, "Just one more row." What a fun time!
Saturday morning, I was greeted by Knittog, my upstream from RSE last year at this time. She took a class in the morning and then treated dd and I to lunch at the center and walked around the marketplace with DD while I was in my last class. She gave a "goody" bag with munchies and coffee for the hotel room and also passes for our ride out and back from the Rav get-together. Thanks, Sharon!

On Saturday evening, Ravelry held a gathering at the World Forestry Center, about a 25 min. train ride from the hotel. I won the last "door prize" -- four patterns that Chrissy Gardiner was debuting at SS.

Sunday, we loaded up our dirty clothes to UPS back home ...... didn't want to trust UPS with our precious yarn purchases, I guess. That also gave us opportunity for one last knitting circle at the OCC, one last walk through the marketplace before the Luminary panel discussion of the history of knitting from truly great contributors to knitting as we know it today.

Then we had to pack ..... but Deb Barnhill called our room and said that we should knit together .... so we had some more quality knit time before we needed to finish packing and get some rest. Deb had to get up at 4am, but we slept in 'til 7am. Took the train to DPX at 9am and left DPX at 11, arrived in Omaha at 5:30pm, gathering luggage, loaded it in the car, and took off for northern Iowa ..... arrived home about 11pm.

Tina and Steph, all your hard work will never be forgotten ..... Sock Summit was GREAT!

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