August 21, 2009

RSE4 Scarf Is Done!

I've been in all the Ravelry Scarf Exchanges and also was an angel. This scarf, however, had me stumped for a couple of months ....... I knew what yarn I was going to use for Starrypurplehaze, but the patterns I tried, all three, just didn't work. Then, I decided to try a pattern I had received recently .... BINGO! ..... just perfect. On July 28, I started the scarf for the 4th time and just finished it this afternoon ...... it's blocking as I blog. I can hardly wait to get it off the blocking board ..... I have a 4x8 ft. piece of 3/4" styrofoam insulation that I use ..... It stood up amazingly well with all the pins I use when I block. 9-8-09 Scarf has been received, so here's the pics. I'm also trying to get the Gaia Shoulder Hug done for a friend. It only takes one skein of Noro sock yarn. A lady was knitting one at the SS, so I went in the marketplace, found the yarn at Paradise Fibers, and ran the pattern off in the lobby of the hotel. Then I discovered that I had left my notebook with all my circs at home. It was the first thing I started when I returned home.

Then I'll do the socks for an elderly retired teacher ......, she and her husband come every morning for coffee and a bagel/scone/sweet bread at the Daily Grind here. She and her dh, both in their early 90's, still live at home without outside assistance. They are amazing people! DD has already completed Art's socks and I do have Helen's about 3 inches down on the legs. I do both on ml, so once I get started, they will go fast.

I'll then do the socks I started at Sock Summit for my Toe-Up for the Stubborn class. I have the magic cast-on mastered and am halfway up the foot, but now I have to study the "formula" sheets that Deb, knitpharm on Rav, gave at her class. I'm honestly looking forward to getting busy on them.
That's all for now. Happy knitting! TLGB!

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