May 14, 2009

Finally Leyburns Are Done!

The Leyburn socks for the STR KAL were started shortly after the first of the year. Once again, hand pain limited my knitting. Picked these up last week with the heel flaps at the halfway mark. Thanks to dh driving on a trip to the VA for his hearing aid check and a stop to get my new military dependent's ID, I was able to knit most of the trip. When we returned home, I only have about 5 rows left on the toes. I did mod by tapering the pattern st to a "v" on the instep and knitting the remainder of the foot in stockinette.
Yarn: STR lightweight in Dixie Chicks colorway
Needles: Addis #1 circ for ml
Pattern: Leyburn socks

I joined the Operation Knitted Gator group earlier this month....received the specific yarn requested last week and began knitting. I'm already half finished with the first gator. The group was started by kerlina on Ravelry to send a gator (k2,p2 "turtleneck" scarf) to every soldier in her dh's unit that has been deployed to the middle east. She hopes to have 155 finished to send in October. Since dh is a retiree of the national guard, I decided that it was the least I could do.

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