April 7, 2009

Mystic Roses KAL

I started a second Mystic Roses KAL with JaggerSpun Zephyr in the Chanel colorway, a bright rose ..... some may call it fuschia. I had trouble conquering row 27, but after three or more tries, my latest lifeline is on row 30. For now, I'm placing them every 10 rows but will make it about 4 or maybe 2 rows when the rows are longer. I've been using my KP Harmony tips but will probably change to the Options since this yarn blends in with the color of the wood especially at night. The sts show up better on the silver tips. Here's a pic of the shawl so far (taken on a pillow top that I knitted 30+ years ago). My goal is to have the shawl completed before Estes Park Wool Market in June or the BMFA Sock Summit 2009 in Portland Aug. 6-9.

Am still knitting on pastor's socks ... my right thumb is bothering me a lot when doing that, so only get 5 rows done each time ..... I'm knitting both socks, however, so it's actually 10 rows or so.

Planning on visiting dd this week-end for Easter .... hope to get some serious knitting time in when I'm there.

Have a blessed and safe Easter holiday. TLGB

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