December 6, 2009

I'm Still Alive and Knitting!

I have been terrible with my blog the past three months. I have been knitting, mostly Christmas presents that I've been trying to keep "secret" from dd and dh. Dh doesn't realize, most times, that what I'm knitting is his. I started the Cauchy socks from Cookie A's "Sock Innovation" in a Crazy Zauberball that I purchased at Sock Summit's marketplace. The colorway was described as royal blue, charcoal (almost black), a teal green, and light gray. Well, there's about an inch wide strip of purple in the middle of the royal blue. Shortly after our marriage 37+ years ago, dh told me that he didn't wear pink or purple. Well, I hope that he has mellowed now that he's over 60, but just in case he doesn't I've just started a pair of socks in a dark hunter green Huntington from Valley Yarns that I purchased from WEBS at sock summit ..... destined for Valentine's Day. If I get them finished, I'll be happy.

In mid-September a specialist diagnosed the pain in the base of my right thumb as basal joint arthritis at an "old" thumb fracture site. I think that probably happened 10+ years ago on an ambulance run. It was treated as a "jammed" thumb with no xrays taken. I, too, thought that was the case until last year this time when I could not do color knitting as I had before due to the extreme pain. Now at least there's a diagnosis. I have a splint to wear when needed and take ibuprofen as needed. Other knitting hasn't been affected that much, just slower. Now, I wasn't a fast knitter like some, but realize when the pain starts to stop knitting and do a "paraffin dip". That really helps.

I am about 3/4 finished with a knitted hedge hog (from Fiber Trends) for the daughter of a teacher/friend that dd and I became acquainted with at Sock Summit. Just purchased the nose and eyes. DD (Alcariel on Rav) hasn't started hers for the other daughter, so we've decided that it will be a gift in the New Year. I did finish the toe-up socks from my class at SS "Toe-up for the Stubborn" with Deb Barnhill. And ..... I do wear them just about every week!

I'm quite the "proud mama" since dd started a videocast after our return from Sock Summit. Check it out at Both dh and I are eager on Thursday mornings to watch it with our first cup of coffee.

Today is "start the Christmas tree" day. We have an artificial one that has a lot of branches to be placed and then I weave the strings of white mini lights through the branches. Usually a two-day task after I return from teaching my Spanish 1 classes. All I have done so far, is the furniture moved out of the walls and trying to fit everything with room for the tree. I'll take a pic when it is done. Dd always likes to see the tree in the front window when she comes home for Christmas.

Happy December everyone! TLGB


Andrea said...

So do you and dh actually "go away" when dd asks you to in her episodes so that you don't get a peek at her Christmas knitting??

Mamateja said...

We sure do ..... we still want the surprise.