January 17, 2009

Leyburn Sock Stitch Pattern for ML

The STR (Socks That Rawk) group on Ravelry is hosting a KAL with the Leyburn Socks. Well,.... it's a toe-up pattern. One construction that I haven't perfected to accomodate my very high instep. Someone had posted the pattern revision for top-down, but I knit both socks at the same time on magic loop. I tweaked that pattern a bit so it would work with magic loop. Here it is --
Leyburn Socks – stitch pattern for magic loop
Row 1: * wyif, sl 5, wyib, K1. Repeat from * around.
Row 2: Knit.
Row 3: K2, *lift loop with tip of left needle and k tog w/next st, K5. Repeat from * ending K3.
Row 4: K to last 3 sts, wyif, sl3.
Row 5: Continue wyif, sl2,* wyib K1, wyif, sl 5. Repeat from * ending K4.
Row 6: Knit to last st, lift loop and ktog with last st.
Row 7: *K5, lift loop and ktog with next st. Repeat from * ending K6.
Row 8: Knit.

I'm on my third repeat and I believe it is correct. Any problems or questions let me know. Will try to take a pic of the sock legs tomorrow. (edited - Here's the pic. The stitch pattern above is OK.)I had some "white-knuckle" driving today. This past week has been horrible here in northern Iowa. Monday was a blizzard - no school! Tuesday was a two-hour late start school day. Wednesday and Thursday were days off due to extreme cold temps -27F and -29F with wind-chills in the -40F. Friday, then, was another two-hour late start. I didn't see my first period class at all during the entire week! At the high school, we only have a 30 minute class with one of the three morning classes. On Tuesday, we began with 2nd period and Friday with 3rd --- first period had their time earlier when the weather was bad. I had cabin fever!!! I almost had my fill of knitting with so much time away from school. My AC adapter to charge my laptop died this week, so after trying to purchase one in town, I headed about 55 miles east. We still have about 8 inches of light, fluffy snow that blows around whenever the wind is up ....... today, again, the wind was blowing 20 to 35 mph. It was blowing low to the ground, so visibility wasn't too bad on the way over . After purchasing the adapter at Best Buy, I made a stop at a couple of stores, and then met my SIL and her DGD for lunch. Then ...., the drive home. I had noticed that wisps of snow were beginning to come out on the highway from the north on the way over, but they were a lot of them now. Most of the time, I could just move over the center line, but a couple of time I did have to break through the small drift. There were places, most right before and after the towns that the visibility wasn't too good and travel slowed to 25 mph. It took about 20 minutes more than usually, but I was home safe. I don't think that I am as brave at almost 60 years old as I was in my 20s to 40s. Just want to stay home and knit tonight.

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