August 18, 2008

Progress on Angel RSE 2

The angel scarf for RSE 2 is progressing nicely. It is intended for Julie on Ravelry whose upstream apparently bailed out for the exchange. I decided that Julie didn't have to wait until I finished her scarf to receive her "goodies" box. So........last Friday I filled a box with goodies just for her. However, I included a note that also contained the following pics of her scarf. I didn't intend for it to be so mysterious, but my camera didn't do well with the colorway of the yarn either outside in the sun or inside the house. I did bunch up the scarf so she wouldn't be able to tell what the pattern was ..... at least I don't believe she will.

This second pic is of the two dogs ..... can't believe it! The Brittany, Cozi, used to run by my knitting basket and just grab anything she could get ahold of on the run and take off. Now she won't touch my knitting if I hold it right in front of her nose. My little poodle has always left yarn/fiber alone..... but she really is eyeing it this time, isn't she?I'm about 60% finished with the scarf, but won't be able to do a lot this week as school starts.

Once again, I didn't have any socks on the needles, so I co for some socks with STR mediumweight in the Rolling Stone colorway .... haven't firmly decided on the pattern, but have started the top ribbing. As for the past year, I knitting both socks on ml ..... no ssd here! TLGB

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