August 4, 2008

Adamas Shawl Is Completed!

Just finished bo the Adamas Shawl for the KAL. I only used two skeins of STR lightweight .... ended up with about 2 g. left, 7 yds. or so. I had never used the bo that was given and will definitely use it more. I started this July 21 and completed it August 4. What a quick, enjoyable knit! Here's a pic of the completed shawl before blocking.

I ordered the blocking wires from KP last week. The books and fork pins have come, but not the wires. I called KP since one box of the pins had fallen out a broken corner in the box. They are replacing those .... their rep said that they handle problems with USPS, so that was nice.She said that the wires should arrive within a couple of days. I really want to get it blocked, but since I don't plan on completing another shawl in the near future, think I'll wait until the blocking wires come to do that. After talking with dd, decided that I'd block the shawl after all. I use a 4'x8' piece of 1" thick styrofoam insulation. I did cut the piece in half, securing the two pieces together with a "duct tape" hinge, so it folds up for easier storage.
DH commented as I was knitting the shawl that he really liked the colors. Um.......think his next pair of socks will be from the extra skein I have. As I was knitting, I was hoping that I could get the shawl out of two skeins so he could have some socks like it.

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